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How To Save Cities Like Chicago: Elect Republican Mayors




In 1931, Prohibition was still very much real and the city of Chicago was still reeling from the St. Valentine’s Day massacre and organized crime kingpin Al Capone had pled guilty to tax evasion. In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower was President, children were practicing nuclear attack drills and there was no space race. In 1962, Diana Ross and the Supremes were still wondering where their love went as a new sound- Motown- exploded on the scene.

Songs were written to these cities. Chicago was Frank Sinatra’s kind of town, Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco, and Motown defined the music scene in Detroit.  San Francisco was the gateway to the Pacific with a wonder of the modern world connecting it to neighboring Marin County. Chicago was a commercial and transportation hub connecting the Eastern US with the Western US while Detroit was a manufacturing giant and home of the assembly line.

What do all these years have in common?  In 1931, Chicago had its last Republican mayor, San Francisco their last in 1956, and Detroit their final Republican mayor in 1962.



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  1. So why don’t the Chicago Republicans run a candidate. Apologies to Phil Collins but Bill Kelly is just a joke and should stick with TV. With all the known and possible future candidates being Democrats, a vote total of 20% or even less could at least get a candidate into the runoff.
    Dan Proft and his Illinois Policy Institute friends think they have all the answers so why doesn’t Proft put Dick Uihlein’s money where his mouth is and run. The question is, are the Chicago Republicans disciplined enough to actually get out and vote for their candidate?
    Proft’s habit of making smart-aleck and sarcastic remarks might make the mayoral campaign even more interesting.

  2. By Republican do you mean Republicans like Jim ‘The Fem’ Edgar, George “Lying” Ryan, or Jim “Big Pension” Thompson? Those are the jerk-offs who furry kittened the state in the first place.
    The issue with Chicago are the voters who continually elect crooks to office. The city council is outrageously compensated and ye the citizens put up with it.
    The city is a sanctuary city and the citizens put up with it.
    The city if Chicago will be saved when the citizens decide enough is enough. The trouble is they seem to like it as it is.