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Hultgren calls on Trump Administration to reconsider new refugee cap




WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressmen Randy Hultgren (R-IL) and Jim McGovern (D-MA), Co-Chairs of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, released the following statement in response to the Trump Administration’s announced ceiling for refugee admissions into the United States next year. Earlier in the day, Congressman Peter Roskam also criticized the new policy Wednesday.  

“We join together to express our extreme disappointment at the administration’s proposal to impose a limit on admitting no more than 30,000 refugees in the coming fiscal year.  With the world in the midst of the worst refugee crisis in recorded history, with 65 million people displaced, 22.5 million of whom are refugees, American global leadership in refugee resettlement and standing as a beacon of hope is more critical than ever before.  This proposed ceiling is alarmingly inadequate and far below the average refugee admission goal of 95,000 and even a steep cut from the 45,000 allowed in this year. We are deeply concerned that of the 45,000 allowed into the U.S. this year, only 21,000 have been accepted.

“Refugee resettlement has been and should continue to be a cornerstone of American foreign policy.  We should not be stepping back from our responsibility as a global leader in refugee resettlement, but rather stepping up to provide a safe and legal alternative for those most in need of safety.  Resettlement is crucial to alleviate instability throughout the world, maintain strong relationships with our allies, and advance our foreign policy interests.  By providing safe haven for refugees, we help to keep ourselves safe.

“The United States cannot abandon its role as a place of sanctuary for the individuals and families seeking to escape violence, turmoil, and persecution.  We cannot turn our back on the international community in a time of historic need.  We urge the administration to reconsider its position to comport with global realities as we remain committed to work to ensure that the United States continues to welcome all from around the world seeking a place of safety and protection.”


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  1. So much for me ever again voting for Hultgren for my congressman. I’m DONE.
    And to think: I worked on his first two election campaigns!
    When he first ran for Congress, he said he would only serve TWO terms. I believe he his now running for a FOURTH.
    And now, THIS?
    By the way: Wasn’t Tom Lantos the Democrat congressman who gloated when Admiral Bourda committed suicide?
    Why would any DECENT person want to sit on any so-called “human rights commission” named after a monster like Tom Lantos?

  2. Where are both Hultgren and Roskam coming from? It would be difficult to vote for either one of them if they were my representatives. Allowing more refugees into this nation won’t make this country a better nation. With the welfare offered, they are a drain upon our economy. It would be wise to halt all immigration right now, until those here are able to assimilate into this nation, so they are able to learn what it is to be an American and about the Constitution under which we live.

  3. Establishment Congressmen like Hultgren and Roskam are two reasons why Trump was elected president. The voters are still sick of congress not putting America and Americans first. Its Trump’s job to ensure so-called refugees are NOT terrorists coming from terror countries. The Trump administration should be weeding out refugee undesirables.
    President Trump, thank you for putting America and Americans first. And thank you for recognizing the traitorous requests of the back stabbing establishment congress. America stands with you President Trump!

  4. Come to Aurora and see how well this refugee trash is working out. Taapayers have to foot the bill to hire interpreters to teach these savage’s children in their own language. Neighborhood cats and dogs disappear only to be slaughtered in parks, police and EMT are always being called, children are being molested…the correct number of refugees to admit each year is precisely zero.
    I told you guys when he ran against Hastert’s whelp that Hultren was a liberal and you coudl never trust him.

  5. Gerard, have you ever been to a Republican dinner with Hultgren present?
    He usually brings his two sons with him as “human shields” hoping, I suppose, no one will ask him embarrassing questions in front of them.
    Then, when he finishes addressing the audience, he utters a quick apology, like” Sorry, I have to leave for another engagement!” and, with his two kids, rushes out of the room before anyone can ask anything.
    I’ve seen him perform this act about four times over the years.