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Illinois family group compares gubernatorial candidates on social issues



MOKENA – The Illinois Family Action group is distributing a comparison group that clearly doesn't support Governor Bruce Rauner or Democrat challenger JB Pritzker. The group's comparison chart shows State Senator Sam McCann (R-Springfield) – who is running on the Conservative Party ticket – as closest to the socially-conservative group's positions on social issues. 

The candidates' opinions on taxpayer funding of abortion, sanctuary state for illegal aliens, forced speech for abortion referrals, banned speech for professional therapists, transgender birth certificates and other issues show Rauner and Pritzker's views to be nearly identical, and McCann's to be opposite.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 11.48.48 AM

 Illinois Family Institute's voter guides are now available online HERE.


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  1. I think McCann is on vacation for the entire election season. There is no update tonhis website. I asked for yard signs and received no response. The Democrats got him on the ballot and he seems content with that. Too bad he’s so lazy. He could have made some noise.

  2. Chase Gioberti,
    I have to agree about McCann. The first week I contacted his campaign via the website,offering to walk my precinct and distribute literature etc. I heard nothing.
    I can’t help but wonder if he polls well from the from blue collar government employee Democrats. That might explain why his campaign has flat lined. He might damage Prtizker. There really are not that many conservative republicans in Illinois but I could see where he could appeal to LEOs in the democratic party.
    A horrible campaign. He could have mobilized a lot of Republican precinct committeemen if he had tried.

  3. Honestly, Ian, I hope they’ve already quietly begun starting over. We can’t wait four years. A true Republican Party should have a response ready to go the day after the election – a movement should start in earnest that day.
    Can anyone tell us what McCann’s Conservative Party stands for? No one can answer that question.

  4. After seeing bits of the 4-candidate debate last night (Thursday) I am FOR McCann.
    I think Rauner’s snotty, nasty attitude toward McCann
    sewed it up. Rauner was nastier to McCann that he was to Pritzker.
    Rauner obviously knows, and FEARS, how many Conservative Republican votes he is going to lose to McCann in November
    and is lashing out.