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Progressive donors funding radical environmental work of Illinois AG




Progressive donors are funding the environmental work of activist attorneys general, including Illinois AG Lisa Madigan. It’s a case law enforcement for hire, says Christopher C. Horner:

A large cache of public records […] reveals an elaborate and years-long campaign by major left-leaning donors, green advocacy groups, and activist state AGs to politicize law enforcement in the service of the “progressive” environmental policy agenda.

This campaign has evolved from a failed model run by AGs—with the support of, at least, the Union of Concerned Scientists and some faculty allies—to a complex effort entailing privately funded, in-house activist attorneys, known as Special Assistant AGs and paid by private donors, with an apparently much larger network of attorneys and public relations specialists provided to the cause also by donors.

By this means, state AGs are using law enforcement offices to advance those donors’ and environmental advocacy groups’ ideologically aligned policy agenda. Those attorneys were recruited, expressly and at least in part, to investigate and prosecute the opponents of those donors’ and green groups’ political agenda to obtain financial settlements. This is a case of law enforcement for hire.

[Christopher C. Horner, “Law Enforcement for Rent: How Special Interests Fund Climate Policy through State Attorneys General,” Competitive Enterprise Institute, August 28]


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    The Attorney General shall be the legal officer of the
    State, and shall have the duties and powers that may be
    prescribed by law. ~ (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    Just where is doing activist environmental legal work by our activist attorney general prescribed by law?
    It appears to me our Illinois Attorney General thinks she is above the law.

  2. There used to be a gentleman’s agreement that the Office of the Illinois Attorney General would have a bipartisan staff of lawyers.
    Lisa Madigan is no gentleman. Her office reduced the nominal number of Republican lawyers to one person.