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The market, justice, and charity: A Jewish perspective




Not a day goes by when there’s not some concern raised about the state of the economy and how people are faring. While recent economic growth has been promising, wage growth is lackluster, many say. The middle class is shrinking. There’s too much income inequality, and the list goes on. These concerns are often compelling. Who wouldn’t like to see more opportunity and more growth? People yearn for the good life, to experience real human flourishing. Yet many in our society seem to be falling short.

Surely there must be something more that we as a society can do. Are there not public policies and programs, many ask, that, if structured and funded properly, could lead to the outcomes we seek? It’s a tempting vision and, for many, government intervention in the economy seems compassionate and fair. Yet this approach raises a number of questions. Do such public policies and programs actually work? More importantly, do they cohere with our traditional values of justice and charity?



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  1. So nice of this stray Jewish intellectual to try and con us into thinking that the vast majority of Jewish voters don’t vote overwhelmingly for left-wing, neo socialist statists, who are happy to take your money to pay for their social justice warrior concerns.
    But look at the realities — 75% of Jewish voters have voted for left-wing Democrats in the last 6 US Presidential elections. In the 2016 election, 71% of Jews voted for Hillary Clinton – only 24% voted for Trump. (The other 3% of Jews presumably voted for Green Party or Socialist candidates.)
    From Pew Research:
    Why is this Jewish writer trying to pull the wool over our eyes? How stupid does he think conservatives are?
    Rather than writing into a conservative website, with an inane propaganda piece, if this Jew (whomever he is) is genuinely a Hayek libertarian, his time would be better spent talking to fellow Jews.
    As it stands, the vast majority of the Jewish electorate have shown themselves to be unceasing and overwhelming enemies of right of center voters.
    And any candidate – right of center – who does not understand that, is an abject fool.