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Cook County Commissioner Morrison faces Soros plant November 6th



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PALOS PARK – Sounds crazy, but George Soros is spending money on national, state and even county races this season. One of only four Republicans serving on the 17 member Democrat-controlled Cook County Board of Commissioners, Sean Morrison of District 17 is facing an uphill battle against Democrat Abdelnasser Rashid, 29-year-old Harvard graduate that has worked as a community activist for Soros in the past.

Rashid would be the first Arab Muslim on the county board. He adamantly opposes Morrison's efforts to stop a minimum wage hike and mandated paid sick leave countywide and Morrison's success at bringing together bi-partisan group that successfully repealed the countywide soda tax. 

Morrison's efforts to stop tax hikes and employment mandates won him the endorsement of the Left-Leaning Chicago Sun Times. After listing his Democrat opponent's stance that Cook County's taxes really aren's that bad, and could be balanced with a tighter oversight of the county's budget, The Sun Times went with Morrison:

That leaves us looking at the balance of power on the county board, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 13-4. A little more balance couldn’t hurt, each side serving as a check on the other. Our pick is Morrison. We’re counting on him to continue scrutinizing taxation and spending, as he did when he opposed Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s ill-conceived and since repealed soda tax.

All politics is local, they say, and Morrison is looking for Republicans in his district to get out and vote – a necessity that down ballot candidates are pushing since the gubernatorial race has so many Republicans and conservatives disengaged. 

Morrison says his opponent a political operative for George Soros.

Morrison says his opponent has substantial resources behind him. Rashid has worked for Soros' “Our Revolution” organization, and he's  backed by "Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook Democratic Party as well as JB Pritzker, sending a lot of money his way," Morrison told Illinois Review.

"I’m just going to keep working hard, stand by my three years of record at the board and have faith in the residents of the 17th district," he said.  

Rashid has raised $35,000 from unions, Democrat organizations and private donors. 

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  1. Morrison’s base may be eroding due to his self-inflicted wound when he not only backed a pedophile that works for his security firm, (who later was arrested and jailed for soliciting under-aged girls for sex) but for his failure to recruit a viable candidate for the 3rd congressional district. Instead, he again lacked judgement and leadership by allowing a self proclaimed Nazi, Arthur Jones to run on the GOP ticket. And here’s the most egregious part of his lack of leadership: the 3rd congressional district is Morrison’s home district! I think the constituents that Morrison is counting on to reelected him would rather pay more in soda tax than risk having both a Nazi and pedophile loose on the streets endangering the lives of children and others!

  2. Morrison’s base may be eroding due to his self inflicted wound when he backed a pedophile that worked for his security firm, (who was arrested shortly afterwards in Colorado for soliciting sex from an under-aged female) or perhaps it is his lack of leadership for failing to recruit a viable candidate to run for the 3rd congressional district race. Instead, Arthur Jones, a self-proclaimed Nazi was able to secure a spot on the GOP ticket in the district. And, perhaps the most egregious lack of leadership is the fact that this is Morrison’s home district! While Morrison may be touting his soda tax victory, I bet his constituents would rather pay a bit more in sugar taxes than have both a pedophile and Nazi running loose in the community preying on innocent children and terrorizing residents with racist hate narratives. But since Morrison doesn’t seem to get that, perhaps someone else will.

  3. Morrison’s base is far from eroding. That’s because they know the truth and dont buy into the beyond the pale vile garbage being spewed by the likes of Mr. Delay and Mr. Rasid. This is nothing mote than a hyperbolic transmogrification of fact. This disgusting campaign tactic is nothing more than the fact that Rashid has nothing to run on and nothing to offer the citizens of the 17th District. Morrison is working hard againt the Nazi candidate in the 3rd district and has disavowed his candidacy.
    Further, Morrison’s record is clear. Morrison founded “Operation Restoring Innocence” with community activist Andrew Holmes. To date they have recovered over 150 children caught up in human trafficing and returned them to their families. People can do their own research and rebuke the Rashid lies.
    Nice try Mr. Delay, but that dog wont hunt.

  4. Not pale vile garbage at all! Here’s the link to the Sun-Times article where Morrison defends his actions with a known pedophile that worked for his firm: https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/cook-county-commissioner-sean-morrison-vouched-employee-anthony-martin-charged-child-sex-case/ Perhaps he harbors some gilt and feels responsible for the children caught up in the human trafficking in the first place. Why else would you found an organization to restore the innocence? It seems suspect that you would knowingly support a pedophile while having such an organization unless you are trying to deflect the attention away from yourself. Denouncing the Nazi AFTER he has successfully gotten by the Cook County Republican Party Chair is akin to closing the barn door after the horses have left! You just proved my point! If he is worth his salt as a leader, neither of these two incidents would have occurred, and he wouldn’t need someone like you trying to defend his warped actions. People have done their research which is how he made front page news! This is not a campaign tactic, just the truth and Morrison knows it!