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Pritzker blasts Rauner as not pro-abortion enough


CHICAGO – Governor Rauner's choice to agree with the Democrat majority in the Illinois House and Senate that taxpayers should pay for abortions was what Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates wanted – but it just isn't enough.

At the time, Planned Parenthood Illinois President Jennifer Welch thanked Governor Rauner for signing HB 40, saying, “HB 40 ends the discriminatory practice of denying women coverage based on how much money she makes or where she works. Whether she has private or government-funded health insurance, every woman should have access to a full range of pregnancy-related care, including abortion.”

Monday, JB Pritzker attacked Rauner as not pro-abortion enough. Rauner hasn't come out against Brett Kavanaugh. He hasn't attacked Donald Trump enough. 

"Bruce Rauner has backed Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh since day one. Despite the devastation he could have on women’s rights, workers’ rights, and healthcare, Rauner called Kavanaugh 'impressive,'" Pritzker's press release says. "With the future of Roe v. Wade in jeopardy, it should be no surprise that the man who bragged about being the “strongest supporter” of anti-choice candidates would have no qualms supporting Kavanaugh. Now, Kavanaugh faces multiple sexual assault allegations while Rauner refuses to rescind his endorsement."

“Brett Kavanaugh could be the deciding vote in overturning Roe v. Wade, but supposedly ‘pro-choice’ Bruce Rauner is firmly by his side,” said Pritzker campaign spokesman Jason Rubin. “Rauner continuing to support Kavanaugh tells Illinoisans all they need to know about how this governor has failed women when it matters most.”

Even though the governor signed the measure as they wanted, and Rauner and his wife gave over $50,000 to sponsor an April 2017 Planned Parenthood event, they're still not happy with him.They chose to endorse J.B. Pritzker instead (who also sponsored the Planned Parenthood event).

From Planned Parenthood's endorsement: 

  • J.B. supports raising the minimum wage so that the American dream is a possibility for struggling Illinois families, especially those headed by women.
  • J.B. will stand up to Donald Trump’s attempts to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and rollback federal protections for women’s healthcare, like access to birth control.
  • J.B. will push to strengthen the Illinois Equal Pay Act and end the regressive practice of employers asking about salary history.
  • J.B. is committed to growing the Child Care Assistance Program so that more children have access to affordable child care.
  • This is why Planned Parenthood Illinois Action is proud to endorse J.B. Pritzker for Governor of Illinois.


  1. Radical liberal PRITZKER supports gun bans are anti-2nd amendment freedom stealing dictators. This same liberal trash also supports the murder of 60 million unborn and some born babies since 1973. The liberal hypocrites set the example of murdering 60 million babies since 1973 for the children to learn murder is a problem-solving tool. Then the hypocritical dirtbags whine about gun violence and blame the guns instead of their failure to set a good example for children by valuing human life. The Commiecrats teach human life has no value and then feign surprise when Chicago has 100’s of murders. Abortion and democrats like are deserving of our hatred for causing people to not value human life. Abortion is man’s inhumanity to man but democrats lie and call it reproductive rights! It sickens me to know people like PRITZKER who try to justify the murder of an unborn baby. Of course they don’t allow the unborn baby a “right” to life, every sane person knows life begins at conception and knows the democrats teach children in Chicago to NOT value human life by example. They don’t care about the lives snuffed out, as long as they can murder unborn babies. And then the blame the guns and wonder why there is gun violence… their hypocrisy is obvious

  2. Maybe they should have an abortion-off….each would be Governor would be assigned 10 women, each in the 8th month of pregnancy a timer would start and both Bruce and JB would be unleashed to perform their life’s work and stated goal. the first one who murders the 10 babies first wins…and of course if a couple of women die in the process also, well they are just warriors who gave up their life to further the cause of insuring the slaughter on the innocent.
    Hey maybe it could become an Olympic event?

  3. Pritzker and Rauner are competing for an award as Baby killer by abortion. Two nuclear bombs over Japan killed about 300,000 people. Planned Parenthood supported by Rauner and Pritzker kills 300,000 people year after year.
    Time to support Sam McCann for governor he is against killing babies by abortion. It is time to adopt not abort. You can have a McCann yard sign call 847 471 8210 or email
    Love Saves Lives Carl Lambrecht

  4. I would have liked to have voted for McCann but he’s so lazy and inept why bother?
    I’ll vote for congress and skip the rest.
    Carl is honestly working hard for McCann. Too bad the candidate isn’t doing the same.

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