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Rauner: “I will never let Illinois be a sanctuary state. Period.”



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PALOS PARK – "The bill I signed did not make Illinois a sanctuary … period, end of story," Governor Bruce Rauner told a group of Republicans gathered in Palos Park Saturday.

Whether the Trust Act made Illinois a sanctuary state is a topic that the governor has been facing since he signed it into law last year. His frustration with what he considers confusion over the issue was evident in his reply. 

"Then why are they saying that?" one of the members of the United Southland Republican Women asked.

"Because they are political attacks to undermine me," Rauner replied. "Fake news. Listen guys, this is really important, it's really important. I have fought sanctuary every year, I have vetoed bills and stopped it. That bill I did sign – that was a 40 page bill when it started. It … made us a sanctuary.

"I said no, and we shrunk it down to a 2-page bill and all it does is do what judges said we need to do when we're interacting with illegal immigrants. It still says we should coordinate with ICE agents. In no way does it make us a sanctuary."

(Recording of Rauner's comments below)

"Thank you," the questioner responded.

"Thank you. That's a great question because there's so much baloney out there and false information. I vetoed three more bills that would have made us a sanctuary. Pritzker says he wants to make Illinois a sanctuary state. I fought against this.

"We have a massive illegal immigration problem in Illinois and America and I fought it every year. I've been spun in a false way. This is the baloney of politics – the reason why I've lost so much weight and hair. It's baloney. But you know what? We are not a sanctuary and I will never let Illinois be a sanctuary state. Period."

(Recording of Rauner's comments below)

What Rauner refers to as "Fake News" sources such as the Chicago Tribune's Hoy edition touted the headline "Illinois officially a sanctuary state for immigrants" on August 28, 2017.

The measure called "The Trust Act" Rauner signed among immigration advocates in August 2017 prohibits police in Illinois from detaining or arresting a person based on their immigration status or on federal immigration detainer.

The law does allow law enforcement officials to detain a person if they obtain a judge's order.

A representative from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said “We think it is a dangerous bill that puts public safety at risk in order to accommodate some very narrow political interests. The governor was absolutely wrong to sign this bill.”

Listen: RaunerSanctuary

Responses to come …


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  1. Liar. Wants to be on four sides of every issue, as usual. Guess what, Bruce? Your law says that state and local law-enforcement CANNOT ask about, check, or contact the Feds about a perp’s immigration status. THAT is the definition of a Sanctuary State. You don’t want to call it that, of course, or own up to it. Just like you refuse to own up to mandating TAXPAYER-PAID “free” abortions when you signed HB40 into law…..

  2. Okay then Governor Rauner, stop assisting Chicago with State money as it is a city that openly touts its sanctuary status, same with Aurora. Defund the universities that offer instate tuition rates to illegal aliens in full violation of federal law. And since you like to shoot you gigantic mouth off, support our great President in his call for a border wall.

  3. Wow! He is lying to voters again.
    In 2017, Rauner signed SB 31 which creates sanctuary jurisdictions in all state-funded schools and day-care centers; state-funded medical treatment and health care facilities, nursing homes, group homes for persons with developmental disabilities, community-integrated living arrangements, and state mental health facilities; facilities operated by the Office of the Secretary of State; and circuit courts, State appellate courts, and the Supreme Court.
    This guy needs to go!

  4. I’m glad Not In Charge is losing by 22 points.
    My only hope is that McCann and Jackson can chip away at the chink in the armor and increase Not In Charge’s deficit. If they manage to siphon a couple points away from the Fat Slob that would be ok too.

  5. SB31 directly contradicts the 1996 IIRIRA requirement that states cooperate with detainers issued by federal immigration authorities. SB31 was a bill directed at combating the attempts of the Trump administration to crack down on illegal immigration by enforcing our current immigration laws as signed by a Democratic President. Not only does SB31 contradict the will of the federal government, but also the people who put Donald Trump in the office. So make no mistake, SB31 may not used the words “sanctuary state” directly, but it did make Illinois a sanctuary state by refusing to comply with the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, and by defying President Trump’s efforts to enforce federal immigration laws.