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Here’s where the Illinois Democrats will take us all in the days ahead



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Since in a democratic republic the majority rules, all Illinoisans need to understand exactly where the Democratic Party of Illinois will be taking the state in the days ahead.

After all, Illinois Democrats now hold a super majority in both chambers, the governor's seat and the majority in the judicial system. It's only fair that Illinois conservatives all be aware of the ride that's ahead.

From the Democratic Party of Illinois' website: 

We are proud to be Illinoisans and committed to creating a state that works for all of us. We believe that all:

  1. Illinoisans, regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, are created equal and entitled to the full protection of our laws.
  2. Illinoisans want policies that foster a dynamic, vibrant economy that creates good jobs, generate the resources we need to invest in people and rebuild the state’s physical infrastructure, and ensure the right of workers to organize and collectively bargain for fair wages, good benefits and safe working conditions.
  3. People should have access to affordable, quality health care.
  4. Veterans are owed a debt of gratitude and fully entitled to any assistance they need transitioning to civilian life and overcoming service-related disabilities.
  5. Children need great schools, from pre-K through 12th grade, to technical and trade school, and beyond; and those pursuing higher education degrees should not be ruined by student loan debt.
  6. Persons with disabilities, be they physical or mental, should be supported to the degree necessary for them to live meaningful, productive and dignified lives.
  7. Senior citizens should receive the support necessary to ensure that they are able to live independently, in their own homes, for as long as possible and that high quality institutional care is available when that is no longer possible.
  8. Illinoisans deserve to live in safe communities, free from violence and fear.

For those that may not understand this lingo, let's evaluate from a conservative perspective: 

  1. All Illinoisans – except those that hold religious convictions or philosophical opinions in conflict with the Democrats – are entitled to full protection. 
  2. Illinoisans that want a vibrant economy will need to stay silent and in submission if they don't agree that sharing their hard-earned income is necessary to subsidize things Democrat deem worthy: outrageous prevailing wage standards, some of the highest minimum wage and paid time off requirements, and union-controlled businesses. 
  3. Illinoisans that do not want the government to decide your health care, how long you live and whether you deserve government-funded treatment and instead prefer private choice for health care should get used to others making those decisions for you. 
  4. Veterans should be given preferential treatment over those that did not serve in the military – including spouses that stayed home and care for the families while their spouses served overseas.
  5. Public school teachers should get what they want – no matter what it is – and students should get taxpayer-funded college educations. 
  6. Taxpayers should willingly subsidize the care for all disabled persons – while at the same time paying for the destruction of a whole generation of preborn children whose parents simply don't want them.
  7. Senior citizens should receive taxpayer assistance to live dependent on a government that will provide the needs the government deems they should have and when they should have them 
  8. Illinoisans will deserve to live in safe communities that restrict access to firearms only to those whom the government deems qualified and necessary. Criminals are expected to obey gun control laws as they become the rule of thumb.

And there's more. So much more.

Tuck this list away and refer to it in the days ahead. At that time, we conservatives will say with a very irritating tone, "We told you so." 


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