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Progressive efforts likely to accelerate through more Democrat-controlled states




CHICAGO – Illinois isn't the only state that was hit by a Democrat deep blue wave this week. State legislatures swung back to blue from red throughout the nation. 

From Associated Press – the "progressive" agenda will move quicker than most imagined through state legislatures now: 

The Democratic power surge in statehouses and governors’ offices will boost a host of progressive priorities, including health care, school spending, gun control, environmental protection and voting rights — even as divided government causes gridlock in Washington. 

In at least seven states, Democratic governors succeed Republicans. And the party flipped at least 350 state legislative seats from red to blue. During the eight-year Obama administration, the Democrats lost nearly 900 state legislative seats, allowing Republicans in many states to cut taxes, restrict access to abortion and stiffen voter ID laws with little Democratic resistance.

The policy changes will look especially dramatic in states where Democrats will now control all the levers of power or have legislative “supermajorities.” Democrats will soon hold the governor’s mansion and both legislative chambers in Colorado, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico, New York and Nevada, bringing the total number of Democratic state “trifectas” to 14.

Democrats shattered Republican trifectas with their gubernatorial victories in Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin, and by winning control of the New Hampshire House and Senate.

To be sure, Republicans still have 22 trifectas of their own. There are only 13 states where the two legislative chambers are controlled by one party and the governor is from the other. And for the first time since 1914, there is only one state — Minnesota — where the legislature is split. (Nebraska has a unicameral legislature.)

While the divided U.S. Congress may struggle to advance legislation over the next two years, one-party rule at the state level sets states up to get things done. 



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  1. More and more 3rd world based populations throughout the nation, and that includes the South.
    And yes, that includes all those young (heavily minority) voters who will vote for Democrats when they get older.
    Demographics is destiny.
    Too bad Bush.Rove and the other elites were too stupid or too greedy to figure this out.
    Bush 1 should have forcefully implemented the 1986 Amnesty Bill. Instead he waved a big sign on the border saying come on in. Other presidents followed.
    Republican Party is doomed in twenty years or less.
    Get use to it.

  2. I don’t know who is writing your headlines – but it is wildly inaccurate to refer to neo-Marxists as “Progressives.”
    “Progressive” is a term launched by Karl Marx and adopted by the murderous socialists, Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin to denote devoted communists who work to “progress” to a one-world International socialism.
    Anglo/American Burkean principles of individual liberty are, in fact “progressive.”
    Those who would carry us back to medieval serfdom – such as the American, neo-Marxist Left, are, in fact, “Regressives.”
    Just read Von Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom.”
    Or do any Illinois conservatives even bother to read anymore?

  3. Unfortunately, Bill O’Reilly, who I normally liked, started using the word Progressives for liberals, socialists, Marxists a number of years ago.
    When I first heard him say it I cringed and thought what in the H E double L are you giving them a nice cover.
    TR was a Progressive. these people are NOT!