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Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power



Historically, Democrats supported strong borders because they knew American workers could never compete with illegal immigrants. Now, they regularly support “open borders.” So why the drastic change? Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, explains.


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  1. Well, let’s talk about these great Chicago “conservative” who were afraid to commit to an anti-immigrant agenda.
    Let’s start with the great conservative leader, Dan Proft.
    This little bozo clown was scared out of hit tiny pants – to be anti-immigrant back in 1994 – when serious conservatives were fighting on the issue.
    In fact – this little Northwestern University clown – called up a serious Washington, DC conservative and asked him to go on CBS-Chicago – to speak on immigration – because Dan Proft was afraid to do so.
    What a Cicero weasel!
    No serious independent-conservative should ever take this clown, Dan Proft, seriously again.
    But he has his $100k BMW and his multimillion Lakeshore condo. So what does this country club golf-boy clown have to say to working conservatives?

  2. Peter Roskam last night, lost the traditionally Republican House seat, formerly held by the legendary Congressman, Henry Hyde.
    And he blew it by doing a fan-dance on immigration – supporting the Chamber of Commerce position on allowing millions of H-1B visa workers into the US to take jobs that legitimately should have gone to American college graduates.
    And by refusing to take a solid stand in support of border security and internal ICE enforcement of our immigration laws, he blew his Congressional seat.
    It was almost painful to see Roskam on various Sunday morning talking head shows, as he studiously danced around the immigration issue – gibber/jabbering and refusing to take a solid position on the #1 issue of our generation.
    And tonight he is crying in his beer.
    Peter Roskam has no one to blame but himself. And Republicans are the victims of his pusillanimity.
    I stood up for serious immigration control way back in 1994, when I testified before the US Commission on Civil Rights in their Chicago hearings on immigration.
    And Republicans like State Rep. Peter Roskam and pundits like Dan Proft – headed for the hills with their tails between their legs – for fear of being called “racists.”
    Well look where their cowardice has got us.
    Just Great, guys!
    Republicans and independent conservatives don’t turn out in droves and pound the pavements for milquetoast, tepid candidates – and that is precisely what Roskam was.