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Illinois Left celebrates in wake of Blue Tsunami



CHICAGO – From the top of the ballot to the bottom, Illinois Democrats are celebrating the Blue Tsunami that hit swept Illinois Tuesday. 

A key part of the Illinois Left coalition – the Leftist Chicago media – is celebrating the Democrat gains:

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 8.55.28 AM

Chicago Tribune

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.05.58 AM

Chicago Sun-Times on the national front:

  Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.36.28 AM

Daily Herald: 

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.42.59 AM

The Chicago media – marching arm in arm with the Leftist effort – were successful in winning the state's governorship, gaining two Democrat Congressional seats, expanding the Illinois Senate Democrats' super-majority and raising Mike Madigan's control over the Illinois House to 73 (with a couple still undecided). 

All statewide offices will be filled with Democrats in January 2019. 

The Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider lost his seat on the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Five Republicans lost their House seats – Christine Winger in the 45th, Peter Breen in the 48th, Sheri Jesiel in the 61st, Jerry Long in the 76th and David Olsen in the 81st.

In the Senate, at last count DuPage Republican Michael Connelly is within 12 votes of losing to a Democrat. DuPage GOPer Chris Nybo lost his Senate seat by less than 300 votes. Newly-placed GOPer Tom Rooney lost his Senate seat by 2400 votes, strengthening the Democrats' control in the Senate.

"What happened Tuesday in Illinois is a repudiation of Bruce Rauner and Raunerism," State Rep. David McSweeney told Illinois Review. "It's time the Illinois Republican Party go back to basics of fighting tax hikes and limiting government." 


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  1. President Trump had nothing to do with the left’s full out take over of Illinois, rather, the changing demographics of the suburbs. I suspect most of the losses to republicans came by way of more affluent suburbanites who have moved into more traditional conservative regions like DuPage county. I have noticed that most of Casten signs were planted in brand new, large homes.

  2. The immoral, selfish, democrats voted to continue their quest to complete the financial ruin of the state of Illinois. Do you know that if a majority of the state representatives want a chance to vote on a proposed bill speaker Madigan doesn’t have to call it to the floor for a vote? Madigan is given that power by the democrats who voted for the house rules. A sitting state rep told me even if three-fourths of the state representatives want to vote on a proposed bill, Madigan has the power to never allow it to the floor for a vote. One man with that obscene amount of power controlling what proposed laws are allowed to the floor for a vote has always been man’s inhumanity to man, it’s called one-man rule and a dictatorship. When speaker Madigan is given that much power by the democrats over which laws can be enacted, our representative form of govt ceases to exist. The democrats put party over the citizens and constitution which was written to keep the absolute power over which bills can be enacted out of the hands of just one person. I understand the need for a speaker of the house to as the Illinois constitution states maintain an orderly government. Someone has to call the proposed bills to the floor for a vote, but not someone who has the absolute power to determine which bills are considered. One person in a representative state govt shouldn’t have the arbitrary power to deny all others, that is oppression. Speaker Madigan was not elected by a majority of state’s voters yet he has more power that the Governor who was elected by state’s voter majority. This has to change! The constitution was written to prevent one man rule over which laws are enacted… separation of powers, checks and balances don’t exist in the democrats constitutional republic for King Mike Madigan. The Illinois constitution was made for Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. The democrats religion is the centralization of ALL power in the state govt and the subjugation of all Illinoisans. That religion is communism. The democrats will immorally continue to tax and overspend leaving their selfish, irresponsible power abuse, and BAD govt to future generations. The gimmecrats don’t give a da*n about nobody but themselves. The are deserving of our hatred because of it.
    Let’s look at Madigan’s and the democrats accomplishments during his long reign of power abuse. Under Speaker Madigan’s inept leadership, Illinois has a monstrous state debt, Moody’s bond credit rating just above junk, an ongoing budget deficit even though there is a constitutionally mandated balanced budget amendment, according to several studies Illinoisans are the #1 most heavily taxed people in all 50 states, record numbers of people are leaving from the state because of the cruel tax burden, businesses are leaving the state because of the state debt and oppressive overregulation, Illinois’ small business owners say the state’s business climate is worse than any other in the nation, in 2017 the state population declined by about 33,700 and the declines continue to get bigger from one year to the next., cities are raising taxes and fees to repair and rebuild roads, and other infrastructure needs. According to a recent report by Moody’s Investors Service, Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities equaled 601% of the total state revenues in 2017, a U.S. record. The state’s financial mismanagement makes it impossible for localities to depend on the state for meaningful financial help. Its obvious the Democrats and speaker Madigan’s so-called leadership is driving us all to financial ruin. Yet the no good gimmecrats elected more socialist, freedom denying state legislators who will help add to the democrat perpetrated miseries listed above. Get ready to pay more taxes for “entitlement” programs. We already know the toilet king, JB has the morality of a banana republic dictator. Time for a new Illinois, one where crook county is own their own…… or move to another state. Either way, screw you Cook county… we aren’t going to take your back-stabbing any longer. Look for us to storm the state capital if you try…. We will dissolve the state govt you corrupted and institute another one. You arrogant trash don’t own us. We have the God given right to self-government and freedom from dictatorial rule.

  3. I’m sure the GOP losses have nothing to do with the IL GOP surrendering to Madigan over Taxes and the Budget.
    Rauner certainly didn’t slap the base across the face with planned parenthood and sanctuary cities.
    IL GOP blames Trump at their peril. They signed on with the Dems thinking they would be spared and the base stayed home.

  4. It’s official, Illinois is a Democratic Leftist state.
    Illinois has always been a tough state for either party and why it has traditionally been called a swing state.
    But since 1980 the population of Illinois has increased only 400,00 people with 1,000,000 less Whites.
    Do the math.
    I have been harping on this for more than thirty years. And contrary to what the Rhino’s try to ignore, I am correct.
    The piece put on this site from Tucker Carlson recently explains it all. The GOP in Illinois is basically finished as a political power and will be so for a minimum of decades to come ( I will not try to predict the future 500 years from now).

  5. “They signed on with the Dems thinking they would be spared and the base stayed home.”
    The statewide ticket highlighted only Rauner and Harold. The other three candidates for Comptroller, Treasurer and Secretary of State were good people who were woefully over matched and underfunded.
    In Cook County, there were no Republican candidates for County Board President, County Clerk, Sheriff and Treasurer. Without opposition, the Democrats did not give the suburban Republicans a free ride. Toni Preckwinkle targeted three Republican County Commissioners for elimination. This contributed to the suburban massacre.

  6. To 100 more years of failing fiscal policy, wide-spread crime, crony dealing and the highest taxes in the nation!
    Illinois will become the prairie state again in reality, as large swaths of people leave and nature takes over.

  7. To 100 more years of failing fiscal policy, wide-spread crime, crony dealing and the highest taxes in the nation!
    Illinois will become the prairie state again in reality, as large swaths of people leave and nature takes over.

  8. The death of the IL GOP has been greatly exaggerated. Rauner dealt it some serious wounds but it will survive. But will it thrive? That’s up to the GOP leadership and supporters. Making it Democrat-lite is a recipe for disaster. It must stand for what it has historically stood up for: small government, traditional values and patriotism(secure borders, America First,..). It must be the party that tells it like it is and it has to reach out to blue-collar voters like Trump did. It has to be more populist, courageous and straight-talking. The truth shall set you free GOP.

  9. I wish that were true but in the long run it is not.
    Certainly the Illinois GOP can have limited, individual successes but the racial demographics make any eal success impossible
    Look at the AG office. The Republican candidate was good and then look at Kwame Raoul and see who won.

  10. The important thing is that Rauner was humiliated. The house was in line with historic midterms, losses fueled by a RINO speaker and many retirements. It will go red again in 2020.
    Please, don’t ever change. Keep trolling away. Hope Rauner has a job for you post election.

  11. This.
    Illinois is on its way to majority minority and the liberals and minorities can tax each other to death. Supporting Illinois GOP is an exercise in futility and a waste of blood, sweat, and tears. Your hard work is put to better use in states like Wisconsin or Indiana or Missouri or Iowa.

  12. Listen to the big Chicago radio media: WHO to they call on for interviews concerning the Republican issues?
    It’a almost always Pat Brady of St. Charles, the FAILED former chairman of the Illinois GOP.
    Not very damned encouraging having a disgraced RINO as unofficial spokesman, is it?