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Lara Trump: Hold tight to the Trump lifeline in southern Illinois




By Lara Trump - 

President Trump has thrown Illinois a lifeline, rescuing the economy from the self-defeating policies inflicted by out-of-touch politicians.

For decades, economic uncertainty plagued people all across the country, including Illinois, but things are finally turning around thanks to my father-in-law’s economic plan. The creation of new jobs is driving down unemployment claims, and federal tax cuts are giving workers more take-home pay. 

President Trump’s early policy victories, such as cutting unnecessary regulations, passing enormous middle-class tax cuts, and negotiating fairer deals with our trade partners, have already helped communities throughout Illinois reach new levels of economic prosperity.

In towns like Murphysboro, where my father-in-law appeared at a Make America Great Again rally last week, new businesses are hiring and existing companies are expanding. Restaurants, breweries, and factories are setting up shop in the city, and long-abandoned buildings are being demolished to make room for new developments. 

Farmers, too, are thriving in President Trump’s economy, with a near 80 percent approval rating for the President in a recent poll. 

When small communities attract business growth, the entire state wins. Boosted by the President’s pro-growth economic agenda, the Illinois unemployment rate fell to just 4.1 percent in August, matching the lowest rate ever recorded. 

Prosperity like that doesn’t come easy. That’s why my father-in-law still needs allies in Congress who will work with him to build on his initial successes.

The Democrats, however, have made clear that they have no interest in supporting any part of Donald Trump’s economic agenda. When they had a golden opportunity to support economic growth in America, not a single Democrat in the House or Senate voted in favor of the President’s historic middle-class tax cuts. 

Luckily for Illinois, Murphysboro helped send Congressman Mike Bost to represent the 12th Congressional District of Illinois in Washington, and he has consistently supported President Trump’s initiatives to restore economic prosperity to America.

“A typical family of four in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District will see a tax cut of $2,232,” Bost proudly informed his constituents on the first Tax Day after he helped pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. “Some Washington politicians may see that as ‘crumbs,’ but it’s a big deal for working families in Southern Illinois.”

Bost’s voting record earned him some presidential kudos recently, with President Trump praising him as “a warrior” during last week’s rally in Murphysboro.

“He voted to cut your taxes, reduce your regulations, protect your Medicaid, protect your preexisting conditions,” my father-in-law told the crowd. “Mike Bost defends Illinois farmers, Illinois miners, Illinois steel workers.”

President Trump is already talking about how he plans to build on our great American revival further, including slashing middle-class tax rates by an additional 10 percent, but in order to do that he’ll need as many leaders like Mike Bost in Congress as he can possibly get.

When Donald Trump implemented his promised economic plans, he threw the people of Southern Illinois a lifeline. When the people of southern Illinois go to the polls on Tuesday, they we need to make sure that strong Republican leaders like Mike Bost will still be around to help him reel it in.

Lara Trump is a Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and President Trump’s daughter-in-law.


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  1. The economy aint gonna be so hot when we have a Democratic governor and super-majorities in both chambers. Also, I’m not too worried about Bost losing, but Roskam is probably going to lose and it was concerning how many signs I saw of Hultgren’s Democratic opponent while in his district. Betsy is in a tight race with Davis too. Democrats can still win the U.S. House without Bost’s seat, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.
    Readers, think twice about voting for Sam McCann. If that guy gets five percent he’ll establish the Conservative Party in Illinois until at least 2022. Any race that is toss up or leans R will go D with a Conservative in there splitting the vote. There will be Republican losses at the congressional, legislative, and local levels like you’ve never seen. Bost better hope some lefties vote for Randy Auxier so the Greens keep their ballot access in that district.
    Anyway, if you can’t bring yourself to vote for Rauner, you can vote for a write-in or leave that race blank, but be sure to vote because the downballot races matter and will be much more competitive than blownout bruce. Don’t vote for McCann if you want to keep congress red because the Conservative Party will turn more red districts blue.

  2. Does telling McCann Conservative voters to just not vote help Bost or Davis or Hultgren? In the last few days Kinzinger has been in a frantic, acting like he’s in a single digit race. That’s nuts. Or is it? Bruce RAUNER has destroyed the Illinois Republican Party, not anything that San McCann did. You just better hope that his voters don’t decide to stay home or go out to eat or watch a movie instead of voting. Also, would the Conservative Party really take any votes away from actual CONSERVATIVES? Seems like that’s the quickest way to clear the party of all those Rauner Republicans who raised our taxes then retired. I could name the names but I won’t right now.