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Planned Parenthood ‘Weaponizing’ Taxpayer Dollars for Pro-Abortion Candidates




Planned Parenthood Federation of America uses taxpayer dollars to help them afford to spend millions of dollars on pro-choice politicians, according to a report released by a pro-life group.

Live Action, a pro-life organization headed by noted anti-abortion activist Lila Rose, released a report Tuesday detailing what it described as Planned Parenthood's "political money laundering scheme."

"And every election cycle, Planned Parenthood's political arms … spend millions of dollars in campaign contributions, independent expenditures, and the recruitment of election workers to get pro-abortion politicians elected to office," read the report's introduction.

"Those politicians, in turn, ensure that Planned Parenthood continues to receive over half a billion dollars in federal and state funding from taxpayers every year – almost 40 percent of Planned Parenthood's annual budget."



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  1. Liberals like those at PP supports gun bans and are anti-2nd amendment freedom stealing tyrants. This same liberals also supports the murder of 60 million unborn and some born babies since 1973. The liberal hypocrites set the example of murdering 60 million babies since 1973 for the children to learn murder is a problem-solving tool. Then the hypocritical dirtbags whine about gun violence and blame the guns instead of their failure to set a good example for children by valuing human life. The liberals teach human life has no value not unlike Russia’s communism did and then feign surprise when Chicago has 100’s of murders each year. Abortion and liberals alike are deserving of our hatred for causing people to not value human life. Abortion is man’s inhumanity to man but PP liberals lie and call it reproductive rights! It sickens me to know people like the PP who try to justify the murder of an unborn baby. Of course, they don’t allow the unborn baby a “right” to life, every sane person knows life begins at conception and knows the liberals teach children in Chicago to NOT value human life by example. They don’t care about the lives snuffed out, as long as they can murder unborn babies. And then the blame the guns and wonder why there is gun violence… their hypocrisy is obvious