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Senate GOP Leader Bill Brady paints blue skies over State Capitol in upcoming session



Bill_bradySPRINGFIELD – Despite Republican lawmakers losing an historical number of seats to Democrat majorities in the Illinois Senate and House during nasty campaigns, Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady said he anticipates being able to work on several efforts in the upcoming legislative session. 

In an interview with WGN radio's Steve Cochran, Brady said "Our work is to work with the Democrats, to work with Governor Pritzker to make whatever policies we can work on together for the people of Illinois."

Brady said he was not surprised so many of Governor Rauner's bill vetoes are being overridden this week – and in many cases, Republicans are voting with the Democrats to overrule the governor's stance on legislation.

Why would that happen? Cochran asked. 

Bill was careful with his wording.

"Bruce Rauner is a … uh … uh … I'd say … particular individual on what he wants to see in legislation. He thought what he did made it better," Brady said. "Probably the choice won't be to make it better, but to accept the underlying principle in the legislation… It doesn't surprise me that many will be over-ridden."

The governor is "a very disciplined, principled man as to his ideas, he's always looking for the perfect," Brady said. "I don't fault him for that… We can stand by our principles, and I do believe we have great strength and can work with Democrats on issues. We can work with them on infrastructure." 

Most Republicans are against recreational marijuana and progressive taxes – issues on which they don't agree with Democrats. A majority of the bill (98% or so) the two parties will need to work together to make the state better, Brady said.

"We can disagree and not be disagreeable," he said. 

Word is that Senator Brady is cozying up to Local 150 Operating Engineers – concerning a major infrastructure project on the table.

The biggest obstacle to such a multi-billion dollar project will be – well – how it is paid for. Equipment operators, concrete and asphalt providers will want to be paid.

"It's difficult to find the revenue," Brady said. The state's budget has remained unbalanced for the past few years, despite an 32% income tax hike last session.

And of course, if infrastructure is on the table, what Republican lawmakers won't want certain infrastructure projects in his or her district? 

The interview is HERE.


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  1. Remember when a bunch of fools thought Brady was a conservative? I remember him pointing the finger at Oberweis when Oberweis ran ads stating:
    “Illegal aliens are coming here to take American workers’ jobs, drive down wages and take advantage of government benefits such as free health care, and you pay,” Oberweis says in one of the spots. “How many? Ten thousand illegal aliens a day. Enough to fill every single week.”
    Bill Brady is a Paul Ryan style Republican.

  2. Bill Brady has repeatedly shown how inept he is at leading the GOP caucus in the Illinois Senate. The fact that so many Republicans voted with Planned Parenthood and the nasty women lobby in support of the ERA last year highlights his weak leadership.

  3. The few remaining Rs in the senate voted to keep Bill Brady as their “leader” for the next session. Shows again how worthless they all are. Beyond irrelevant. Just people sitting around mooching a bloated salary and pension FOR A PART TIME JOB they are all really bad at.

  4. “We can disagree and not be disagreeable,” he said.
    This is why Republicans all over the place always get their clocks cleaned and the country is slouching toward Gomorrah.
    If you’re not going to play by the same rules as your enemies you handicap yourselves.
    They’re (the women, no less) wishing upon your families (and they really do mean it) and you’re concerned about being disagreeable?
    Any decent Illinois Republicans left should be embarrassed by this guy.