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Wirepoints’ Mark Glennon on Tuesday’s results: Illinois Adjusts Course Directly Into The Abyss



Wirepoints' Mark Glennon shares his views about Illinois' direction post-election … and it's not a pleasant vision of the future.

How much closer to Detroit or Puerto Rico must Illinois go before it reforms?

That’s now the central question, and tonight we’ve learned we have much further to go. The primary culprits in Illinois’s collapse ran the field — Chicago machine Democrats retained firm control of both houses of the General Assembly and won every statewide office.  Congressional election results were just as dismal.

Plenty of Republicans share blame. Bruce Rauner was a failure, deeply alienating even his base. The number of genuine Republican reformers who understand Illinois’ problems who are candid enough to speak about them remain few.

None of that came as a surprise, except the race for Attorney General, and that result is terrifying. Erika Harold was a solid candidate but was trounced by Kwame Raoul. Raoul will present a special obstacle to reform and Illinois’ economy, politicizing law enforcement on behalf of his sponsor, House Speaker Michael Madigan, just like his predecessor. Raul’s race was a straight up test of Illinois’ sanity, and it failed.

In almost all other races, Illinois voters effectively chose to believe they can “vote themselves money,” as Benjamin Franklin put it, which, he said will “herald the end of the Republic.” Their lesson will come, though when remains unclear.

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  1. Look on the bright side;
    We are now rid of Rauner, the faux “republican,”
    and Randy Hultgren, our spineless GOP congressman.
    When Randy first ran for Congress he promised to be “a two-term member of the House,” but he is finishing his FOURTH term, so that initial promise turned out to be a lie.
    He’d have been so much better off (and so would we) if he had gracefully walked away after two terms, instead of being run out of office by “Lauren the Liar” Underwood, the “nurse” who never “nursed” anybody.

  2. Demogogues thrive with an ignorant populace. What percentage of Illinoisans even have a basic understanding of the fiscal mess that the state is in? Among Democratic voters it’s probably around 0%. We all suffer from their ignorance and selfishness. When will people wake up? I don’t know but it will have to get a lot worse before they do. Sad.

  3. Go over to Capitolfax.com and view all the posts on how wonderful this new high tax, sanctuary state will be.
    Have some fun and respond. Don’t use any bad language. But after a while if you start really rattling their cage with solid points don’t be surprised if you get kicked off.
    But please do it. Their cages do need to be rattled.

  4. FYI,
    This is my conjecture on what Pritzter might do on the income tax.
    It might be very difficult to get a Constitutional Amendment passed on instituting the Democrats beloved Socialized income tax and I think he realizes that.
    So just raise the exemption significantly and use that as an excuse to raise the rates of the present % income tax. In addition, raising those %’s a lot to significantly raise overall state revenue while no one is noticing its net effect.
    Would this be constitutional? Yes, and a disaster for the state when you combine it with high property taxes.
    Let me know what yu think.

  5. What I don’t understand is why taxpayers would vote for a tax cheat? JB’s acceptance speech was like something from Lenin. Listening to it I was reminded of Bernie Sanders and George McGovern. Some rich people have some very strange ideas about how the world works. I think of Patty Hearst, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. JB is totally divorced from reality. He’s lived in a bubble most of his life. He wants to be loved by the masses. He will create heaven on earth…again. Crazy Bolshevik ideas. Madigan will play him like a fiddle.

  6. If you want to see what an absolute joke the Republican Party in Illinois has become, just look at my recent experience voting in Elk Grove Village. A complete joke.
    The alleged Republican Committeeman for the about 45% Republican Elk Grove Township is some invisible fool named Russ Nowak. He has no public GOP phone number, no GOP Headquarters and no GOP website or email address.
    The Republican Party of Elk Grove Township has a ghost committeeman – an invisible committeeman – who is rumored to be named Russ Nowak.
    So in my local polling place at a senior citizen facility on Landemeier RD in Elk Grove Village – we had 5 Democrat election judges and 0 Republican election judges.
    We had 3 black female Democrat election judges – who were from the City of Chicago – 1 Democrat Muslim woman election judge, wearing a muslim hijab headdress – and 1 rather obese white man, who said he was the 1 ostensibly Republican election judge. When asked who the local Elk Grove Township Republican Committeeman was he said, “I don’t have a clue – I was appointed by the Democrats, downtown.”
    We’ve got to face facts – there is no longer a Republican Party in Cook County.