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Cook County GOP Chairman responds to Rauner’s post-election comments; calls for emergency IL GOP meeting


Sean Morrison condemns Bruce Rauner; calls for emergency Illinois GOP Meeting

After learning of Governor Bruce Rauner's attempts to pass off his re-election bid to at least four other Republicans, Friday afternoon Cook County GOP Chairman and Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison sent out the following statement of outrage – a call for an emergency IL GOP State Central Committee meeting:

To learn yesterday that Bruce Rauner secretly tried to abdicate his candidacy – on several occasions – is an affront to everyone in the Illinois Republican Party and the entire State of Illinois. It is an egregious betrayal of trust that countless members of the Republican Party placed in him, and that 1.7 Million residents of Illinois had when they cast their vote for him in November.
I personally asked the Governor on two separate occasions before the Primary if he was committed to his re-election. Both times, to my face, he made clear that he was all in – not only for himself but for all Statewide candidates. We now know, by his own admission, that he deceived me and others.

Evidently, the deception didn’t end there. After the primary, Bruce explicitly promised a statewide absentee ballot and early voting program to boost Republican turnout. Was the program ever implemented? No. And his answer to questions about this program’s failure was nothing more than continued excuses.
It is abundantly clear now that Rauner’s lack of commitment to his own campaign for re-election brought about complete failure. But he didn’t just fail himself, he failed each and every Republican candidate across the state, and as a result, we lost in record numbers; many races we might have otherwise won had his commitments been kept.
It saddens me to have to say this, but this private surrender by Bruce Rauner shows a lack of loyalty, integrity, and character.  Many good people across our state, including myself, stood with and supported Bruce Rauner over the last four years even in the midst of many horrible policy decisions made by the governor. But we remained loyal, steadfast and committed to the Governor and all Republican Party candidates – from the top to the bottom of the ticket.
Every person that committed their time, effort and money to re-elect the Governor, from the 75 year old retiree making phone calls to the 18 year old high schooler who walked door to door in the rain for the Governor and the entire Republican ticket is owed an apology.
As a Republican elected official and a member of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee, this kind of betrayal and deception is totally unacceptable and has no place within our party. For this reason, I will call for an emergency meeting of the Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee to address this deeply troubling matter and to immediately forge a plan forward to rebuild our party as one that will fight for the working families of Illinois and will challenge Illinois Democratic Party policies that have forced our state into economic peril.

Besides being the Cook County GOP Chairman and a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, Morrison is a member of the IL GOP State Central Committee. Daily Herald photo above with Sean Morrison (2nd from left), Governor Rauner (center) and IL GOP Chairman Tim Schneider (right)


  1. I would like to attend this “emergency meeting” if the public is invited. I’m an obvious interested party.
    I look forward to a new Illinois GOP perhaps headed by somebody like Jeanie Ives along with people who support the platform and support President Trump. I suggest handing out some Trump 2020 yard signs at the meeting. It’s time to move forward!

  2. LMAO ~~ I’d say it’s the pot calling the kettle black! Where was the “support” from the GOP so called leaders? How many had their palms greased to vote against Rauner? The GOP in Illinois ought to be ashamed.

  3. Let’s face it no emergency meeting will undo the mess that the Illinois Republican Party is in. Find out who the mole was that spilled the beans on Rauner’s attempt to abdicate. Whoever leaked that information will leak any news brought out at the emergency meeting. Rauner is gone what the party needs to do now is get rid of some of the dead weight and rebuild, embracing 30 and 40 years olds, be more tolerant of other’s opinions and move on. No point in beating this dead horse.

  4. The same Aaron Del Mar who got shellacked in the general election losing across the board? Beyond the statewide candidates, local elected GOP officials included an incumbent Congressman and State Senator, plus three judicial candidates in a sub-circuit that had never elected a single Democrat since its creation.
    Get real. Your man was a Rauner guy all the live long day.

  5. “Besides being the Cook County GOP Chairman and a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, Morrison is a member of the IL GOP State Central Committee.”
    Yes, he is the State Central Committeeman from the 3rd Congressional district that nominated Arthur Jones for US Congress.

  6. LMAO…Sean Morrison was a Rauner supporter and backed the lies about Jeanne Ives being a Madigan crony. I suspect he wants to be the head of the Republican Party now. An emergency meeting of the Republican Party Central Committee hacks is definitely in order…if they were lied to by their leader Rauner. Screw them all.
    Jeanne Ives is the only bona-fide Republican leader in Illinois with a true backing of supporters.

  7. AMEN, AMEN!
    Additionally, Rauner’s deceitful ads using Ives’s responses out of context should have been used by GOP to denounce Rauner rather than remain silent! His heart was reviewed along with his other broken promises, he was nothing other than a DEMONcrat in GOP suit.

  8. Sean speaks of loyalty and little of GOP platform principles that technically, glaringly distinguish the GOP from the DEMS. He himself has done his share of throwing conservatives under the bus during his rise in the GOP. When Peraica stepped down, several adjacent GOP Township Committeemen requested that I be the interim appointment for the Lyons Township GOP (ROLT). Sean and I had a lengthly lunch to discuss my long history for several decades with ROLT and coordinating the western suburbs for various candidates that actually embraced the GOP principles. Subsequently, Sean met with Aaron Patterson, then head of Cook County GOP, who announced that the GOP Township Committeemen unanimously chose someone else for the interim replacement. The Township Committeemen who recommended me were furious and called me when they found out. They saw it as a betrayal of traditional values within the Party and a further imbedding of Democrats in their Trojan Horse within the GOP in Illinois. …If Sean, himself embraced GOP traditional principles and saw them valuable, believed in inclusion of the conservatives I led for decades (within ROLT and outside ROLT), I would expect him to object to Patterson’s lie that the Township Committmen’s vote was unanimous. It is revealing that the GOP Township Committeemen called me, but not Sean. So much for team-building.

  9. “It saddens me to have to say this, but this private surrender by Bruce Rauner shows a lack of loyalty, integrity, and character.”
    What a buch of tripe. Bruce Rauner made very clear he is:
    01) A baby murderer
    02) A pathological liar
    03) An illegal alien cheerleader, a man who does not stand for The rule of law
    04) A celebrator of degenerate marriage
    And all that was know before he ever ran for public office. So Sean Morrison you are either an idiot or every bit as deceptive and manipulative as Bruce Rauner. Your crocodile tears mean nothing.

  10. I told Rauner to his face. He should support Jeanne Ives for her morals. With his money she would be assured of winning.
    Many of our present leaders have no morals.
    Jeanne Ives should take over the leadership of the Republican Party
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  11. What a coward…Rauner was afraid to make a decision that, in the long run, would have benefitted our families, friends, neighbors, communities, and state. Now we have to suffer and endure four years of incompetent and corrupt Democrat rule…headed by JB Pritzker and his boss, Michael Madigan.
    Rauner was warned about not withdrawing from the governor’s race. He was given good advice by his former supporters who asked him to do so. It would have been the honorable thing to do. Unfortunately, most of us will never know the real reason why he chose not to do so…all we will try to do is deal with the ramifications.

  12. Maybe, Jeanne Ives might not have defeated Pritzker in the governor’s race…but she would have galvanized the Republican Party members and supporters with a battle-hardened, hardcore, political alliance. Real ideas and political philosophies would have been debated hotly…with the liberals, progressives, and socialists. Most of all, the Republican Party would have had a real leader fighting for what the Republican
    Party stands for…backed by ardent supporters with many things in common.
    What an opportunity missed.
    This fight is not over.

  13. Yes the fight is over. Pritzker won. I didn’t like ANY of the candidates. You would think the “Land of Lincoln” would do better. I detest Rauner, dislike Pritzker and dislike Ives a little more, so I held my nose and voted for Pritzker. The Republican party needs to realize that they will not win in Illinois without compromising on their social issues. If they could just preach fiscal responsibility and also support public education they would win hands down. Whether people like it or not, Chicago is part of Illinois and will produce the most voters. Those of you that think anyone change pro-choice laws should move. It isn’t going to happen.

  14. “[H]e was nothing other than a DEMONcrat in GOP suit.”
    This is a credible assertion. I really think that Rauner wanted to be governor and decided that it would be far easier to secure the Republican nomination than to campaign for the same nomination in the Democratic primary. He could buy off a number of committeemen in GOP townships and advance to the general election. The Republican party organization was and is so hopeless dysfunctional that he could effectively buy it like a used car.

  15. Great article and great comments. I appreciate the courage of people to put their real names in their comments. I don’t like fake names and trolls who post comments. Like who is this North Cook Tea Party? That looks fake.
    There is no north cook tea party group that I know of by that name. There are many tea party conservatives who live in the north part of Cook County, I’m one of them.,
    One of many reasons I don’t read Capital Fax is about 95% of their comments are fake names, trolls and democrat operatives, mostly public sector employees commenting, again hiding behind fake names.
    Please put your name on your comment in Illinois Review and stand by your comment. Otherwise you are just another internet troll.
    Just my opinion.

  16. “Capitol Fax” is also worthless because the moderator (Rich Miller) is a partisan Democratic hack who rigorously censors any Republican comments posted on the blog. Madigan’s crew embarrassed themselves mightily in objecting to the challenger to their aldermanic candidate and filing hundreds of bogus affidavits seeking to revoke signatures, but one would never know it by reading the comments at the Capitol Fax blog which appear to be posted by Madigoons.

  17. The IL GOP is doomed until it gets over its devotion to economic principles that have been anathema to the middle class. Any other discussions by the party faithful or its “leaders” will be fruitless until then. We live in a complex society with a mixed economy. Get over it.

  18. I presume that “Nark” is a misspelling of Mark – the fellow who tells us this great new Conservative organization in Illinois is brewing (for perhaps, the 10th time in my lifetime.)
    Hey Mark Weymuller – do you remember Jack Brickhouse’s famous saying, after the 9th place Cubs blew a rally?
    “A day late – and a dollar short.”
    That’s where the Illinois Republican party is today.
    They had a chance with a principled, viable candidate, in Rep. Jean Ives – and they decided to opt for this big-money, non-partisan – suburban shyster instead.
    “Don’t cry for me Argentina!”
    Can anyone – other than the cheap-labor, money-shufflers of the Chamber of Commerce – even care about the Illinois GOP anymore?

  19. Dave – there are few, if any conservative Republicans left.
    We now all realize that we are “independent conservatives.”
    And if the Republican Party wants to solicit our support – they’d better come to us.
    We are no longer on the Chamber of Commerce plantation – as the blacks have been on the Democrat plantation.
    As Rauner, (and Roskam and Hultgren) sadly discovered, we conservatives, are no longer a given for the GOP.

  20. I love it! The independent conservatives, finally in revolt from knee-jerk adherence to the corrupt Illinois Republican party and their Democrat colleagues.
    As President Reagan said, “You can always vote with your feet.”
    And with free Indiana and Tennessee nearby – many are.
    And what productive people will be left to pay for their socialist morass?

  21. Sean Morrison pretending he’s shocked and outraged is pretty rich. He’s yet another do-nothing who had no problem with Rauner’s lies as long as Rauner was cutting checks. Now that Rauner’s finished and it’s assumed the cash will stop flowing, Morrison comes out of the woodwork. Typical Morrison opportunism.
    Let’s also not forget Morrison is the main person to blame for that crazy Nazi getting a free pass in the GOP primary for congress in the 3rd Congressional District. That’s Morrion’s district. Morrison didn’t even try to find a real Republican to run in that district. Any Republican surely would have lost to incumbent Lipinkski in any case but Morrison didn’t even want a Republican to make a name for themselves in that area, which a decent candidate could have done, even if they eventually lost in the general. Morrison just wants to be the “big dog” in his area and doesn’t want any other Republican to compete. That’s why Morrison has hogged every title he can: Cook County Board Commissioner, GOP Township Committeeman, GOP County Chair, and State GOP Central Committeeman for 3rd congressional district. In Morrison’s selfish little world, better to have a Nazi on the ballot than a real Republican stealing even a little of the limelight in his corner of Cook County.
    I’m all for dumping Tim Schneider, but selfish, failed officials like Sean Morrison are just as much a part of the problem with the IL GOP.

  22. Can Someone please answer a couple of questions for me.
    1. Did Rauner ask these four individuals to run after the primary? Or was he trying to recruit them to run in the primary?
    2. Assuming it was before the primary. Once the primary was over, did Rauner fully commit himself to the general election?
    2. Why is this such a big deal? Other than being an insult to Jeanne Ives and her campaign? Why is it such a abhorrent revelation that Bruce Rauner sought out another individual to run in his place. He made it very clear that he would prefer to live in Italy, enjoy his retirement and keep the little hair he had left. I was an avid supporter of Jeanne Ives, but I just don’t understand how Rauner betrayed the GOP leaders. His money was still there to spend. What am I missing?
    4. If Erika Harold was one of the persons Rauner tried to recruit, did she promise to keep this secret during her campaign?

  23. Thank you Clint. I do grow oh so tired of Mark Weyermuller and others obsessing about names. So, so exhausting, especially after you have educated Mark Weyermuller and others about this countless times. They should perhaps stop typing and learn something for a change.

  24. What has Seanie himself done to “rebuild” the Republican party? It is dead in Cook County, even in what are traditionally Republican areas. Did he expect Rauner to do that for him? And tell us about your election judge robocall scandal that got covered up.

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