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Illinois’ Latino LGBTQ rights group pushes inclusion in history curriculum



SPRINGFIELD – A person's sexual orientation being different other than his or her biological sex would be the key reason he or she would be included in the proposed "Inclusive Curriculum" bill, says ALMA Chicago in a tweet Friday. 

"Our students need to learn that LGBTQ people have played important roles in our history," and that should be required in the history curriculum, the tweet says.

The Illinois Senate passed a similar measure in 2018. It was not called for a vote in the Illinois House. Now Democrats have super-majorities in both chambers.

ALMA – the Association of Latinos as Motivating Action – says its purpose is "to fight for the rights of the Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning community by advocating for fairness and equality."

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  1. There is NO sexual orientation, their is only sexual preference. All the behavior is a choice. I am so sick of the lying left trying to convince Americans homosexuals are born that way. Promoting homosexual behavior in the classroom immoral.

  2. No one is born that way, homosexuality does not have a genetic cause. Over 150 genetic scientists from around world mapped the human genome and didn’t find a homosexual gene. No one is “born gay”, there is absolutely no objective science that proves anyone is born a homosexual. All behavior is a choice. And for the record genes don’t mind control or force behavior. There are homosexuals who stop living as a homosexual daily, many successfully live a heterosexual life. I don’t understand why government would hold up this confused thinking and immorality as something good and market it? It sickens me that Pelosi is wanting to expose children to this propaganda. The LGBT behavior is offensive to many Christians. Homosexuality is a sin to true Biblical Christians. What Pelosi proposes is religious persecution. No Christian can rewrite the Bible or ignore parts to please an oppressive government. To be a true Christian one must have faithful obedience to God’s word. Yes, we are instructed by Jesus to love our neighbor, but we are not to love our neighbor’s sin. Contrary to homosexual propaganda one can love another and oppose another’s sinful behavior without hate being involved. And for the record I don’t hate homosexuals, but I do oppose the abnormal and sinful behavior of homosexuality and do not think it should be marketed by the govt as something good. Its is religious persecution and violates the religious freedom of parents to give THEIR children their values and morals. Notice how the homos and transgenders are always going after the minds of our children. The leftwing govt deliberately LIES to our children. And it has to stop! The phony glbt group has no right to minds of our children.

  3. Notice how this group says “lgbtq people”? When someone says black people, we know black people are black because of their genes, No so with lgbtq, they are lgbt or q because of their chosen behavior. Just like a pedophile is a pedophile because of their chosen behavior. Saying lgbtq people meant to deceive, they are not born that way, they are not born lgbtq….

  4. Other items which might someday be included in a curriculum, fantasized and taught by potential misfits: the Beastalia life style, the rapist life style, the drug addict life style, the alcoholic life style, the gambler life style, the illegal border crossing life style, the live-off-welfare life style, the polygamist life style, the don’t-got-do-schoolwork life style and a myriad of others.
    Elementary school urchins might also need a few years of such important courses like “Oceanic and Afro-Caribbean, Paraplegic, Muslim Lesbian Literature of the Nineteenth Century.”
    Room for such topics can be made by removing the history of Europe and the West (why waste time on the bogus white accomplishments) as well as Western literature.

  5. Those parents have to be as ‘assertive’ as those on the other side.
    This is a war and those who back down- lose.
    In 3rd world cesspool schools and this will be impossible. But downstate, particularly in non urban areas, parents could make a real difference