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Illinois ranks 46th in federal dollars return. So blame the Republicans.



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New York Gov Andrew Cuomo / Illinois Gov-elect J.B. Pritzker

NEW YORK – Illinois isn't last on the list of federal dollars return – it's 46th.

Get ready to hear about this list a lot in the near future as states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut make it well known they're not happy that they're not getting back from the feds something close to what their state taxpayers are sending in.

Illinois' dollars return isn't as bad as those four East Coast states, but it's almost as bad.

Illinois federal taxpayers send in $4,654,000,000 more than the state gets back, according to Rockefeller Institute of Government's new study – authorized and funded by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's budget office. 

What's the cause for this revenue discrepancy and inequity – specifically for politically dark blue New Yorkers (and thus is expected to be applied to politically blue Illinoisans)? Blame the Republican majority in the US Congress and the Republican President Donald Trump:

From the study:

The Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017 will have a significant impact on high-income earners in New York beginning in 2018, with changes that are expected to have flow-through effects on state tax burdens in New York. What remains less clear for the impact on New York — and its balance of payment calculations — is the potential for Federal spending cuts that may be enacted to absorb expected revenue losses and the extent to which those cuts would impact New York. States will be affected very differently depending on the nature of these changes.

The report should have more truthfully said the Liberal Media and Socialists in the U.S. Congress will make sure Republicans that encouraged the federal income tax cut are blamed – and will suffer for their unfairness in the days ahead. 

The Rockefeller Institute's map shows which states are losing the most federal dollars: 

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 10.43.12 AM

One thing for sure – those states in the negative will be joining forces to do all they can to change things. 

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  1. For a long time the Tax Foundation traditionally publishes lists of states on how they rank in Federal dollar returns. Democratic-leaning states tend to be net contributors to the federal budget while Republican-leaning states are more often net recipients of federal spending. This is true when Obama was President and Congress was controlled by Democrats and this was true when Trump was President and Congress was controlled by Republicans. So don’t blame the Republicans.

  2. Congress should stop giving money to all state and local governments. That spending isn’t authorized by the Constitution. If they eliminate that spending, that would save about $350 billion, per year. Since the federal government would need less money, the same bill should cut tax rates. After that happens, some state legislatures would change their tax rates and ensure that they receive enough money.

  3. Gee – well when you are a “sanctuary state,” courtesy of RINO “Republican” Governor, Bruce Rauner – what can you expect?
    Illegal aliens in Illinois are the biggest consumers of tax benefited freebies.
    And Illinois property taxpayers – you’re going to pay for it.
    And as soon as they impose a 30 to 40 cent per gallon hike on gas taxes here (as Rahm Emanuel and Toni Preckwinkle have proposed) – to subsidize their illegal aliens and teachers’ union pension grifters – I am so totally moving out of Illinois.
    As President Ronald Reagan said – you can always vote with your feet.