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State police to review social media before gun purchases with new proposal



BUFFALO GROVE – Illinois residents' comments on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere on the web that the State Police finds a problem could keep that person from owning a gun. That is if Democrat freshman from Buffalo Grove State Rep. Daniel Didech's HB 888 becomes law. 

Filing his first two bills Friday, Didech chose to focus on measures that could limit gun owners' rights. The first one would prohibit a person convicted as a stalker from buying a gun. The second would require law enforcement to review social media accounts before issuing a FOID card. The measure would also allow social media comments to provoke FOID card revocations. 

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  1. So, if you DON’T do “social media,” can the State Police consider you “crazy” because you don’t do social media?
    By the way, these actions now change the definition of “State Police” from police of this state, to police of the GOVERNMENT of this state, like the Gestapo.