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Status Quo Seekers Fear This Senator is Advising Trump




Welcome to the world of President Rand Paul,” blared the headline at TheWashington Post. In the piece that followed, columnist Josh Rogin took President Donald Trump to task for reportedly listening to the Kentucky senator too much.

“Several U.S. officials and people who have spoken directly to Trump since his Syria decision tell me they believe that Paul’s frequent phone conversations with Trump, wholly outside the policy process, are having an outsize influence on the president’s recent foreign policy decisions,” Rogin writes. “Officials told me that, throughout the national security bureaucracy, everyone is aware that Paul’s voice is one to which the president is paying increasing attention.”

“The existing concern over Paul’s influence on Russia policy has now boiled over with respect to Syria,” Rogin worries. He also warns, “In the run-up to 2020, Trump should realize that most Republicans—and most Americans—favor a robust U.S. foreign policy.”



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  1. Can any American say that they are proud of our 17 year military commitment in god-forsaken, hell-hole Afghanistan?
    We have spent more time there than we spent in World War I, than in World War II, than in the US Civil War — and for what?
    As a descendent of American soldiers who voluntarily served in both world wars, it makes me rather ill when someone says to these well-paid professional US military mercenaries from the mindless war in Afghanistan, “thanks for your service.”
    You got your paychecks – now it’s time we’re pulling you out of this cesspool.
    If you want to do something to serve the people of our country – patrol our Southern border.
    We’ll send you paychecks for that!