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Change It or Obey It? — Why the Constitution is the Solution




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  1. Why do conservatives think leftists nihilists and third worlders like AOC or the Muslim who married her brother from Detroit would have any interest in obeying our Constitution?
    This talk of obeying our Constitution needs to go the way of the dodo bird. Your enemies do not care about your Constitution. It was a useful tool for governing when people shared generally the same history and heroes and beliefs.
    Now, thanks to the Kennedy’s and Bushes we are no longer dealing with fellow countrymen. We are in a fight for our survival and you guys keep thinking a document written by people that our enemies hate is what will keep them at bay.
    We are screwed.

  2. The US Constitution is more than a document or a tool, it is the law, an organic law. It is being ignored by federal gov’t organized crime, the executive branch is corrupt, the legislative branch is corrupt and the judicial branch is corrupt. Immorality is a resume enhancer in DC
    We have been screwed by the corrupt federal gov’t, we have just two choices. Clean house in DC, replace the establishment trash with those who will obey the US Constitution or lay down and be completely subjugated by the power abusing establishment scum in DC.
    The problem is not the US Constitution, the problem is the supreme law called the US Constitution is NOT being enforced. And American citizens are too cowardly to storm DC to rectify the problem.
    The traitors in the federal govt VIOLATES the laws daily, yet no one is in prison or exiled.

  3. Nobody said the problem was the US Constitution. I believe I said it was nihilist third worlders and leftists that were the problem.
    The problem is that if you don’t have everybody playing by the same set of rules then the US Constitution isn’t worth the paper that it is written on.
    The reality is that you don’t have everybody playing by the same set of rules. The Left doesn’t give a rat’s behind about our Constitution. Pretending that the do or acting like they should does not change this reality.
    Your last sentence proves the point that it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. The US Constitution will not save this country from the hordes the Kennedy’s have brought into this country the last fifty years.