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The Arguments For Abortion Are Recycled Arguments That Supported Slavery




Erik Erickson writes:

"…The old arguments for slavery made by white plantation owners in the South have been repackaged as the new arguments by white progressives for abortion. Slaves were property the slave owners could do with as they pleased. Now we talk about bodies and how no one else can tell a woman what to do with her body. If she wants to have an abortion, who cares about the kid. It is her property.

Likewise, slaves were not real people according to the plantation owners. Now, babies in the womb are not real people. Slaves were actually better off on plantations than as savages in Africa, defenders of the institution told us. Now we are told it is far better to kill the child than have her be born unwanted or unloved. Slaves, we were told, could not really feel the pain of the beatings. Now, babies in the womb cannot feel pain until they leave the womb. Never mind what science says. Science is a useful tool with which to bludgeon the religious in political fights, but the science says children in the womb can feel pain. We must ignore that to advance the abortion agenda."



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  1. lol lol…. weak Lets invite some fetuses over to pick the crops… lets give fetuses drivers licenses…lets give a fetus the right to marry.
    you have equated slavery of adults to abortion.
    How about equating the woman under these anti-abortion laws you so promote as SLAVES?. Slaves to men who want to dictate how a woman controls her body.
    You have no issue controlling other people and you use the Constitution as a convenient prop. You have no clue what it really stands for. You would support a dictator who is anti-abortion wouldn’t you?? American means nothing to you if you can’t get your way. man children.
    Woman are not your slaves to do you bidding holy hypocritical evangelical cult men.

  2. Abortion is the murder of an unborn baby. If an abortion just involved a woman’s body, “maybe” you deceiving liberals would have an argument. But it doesn’t. An abortion involves two human beings, the woman and her unborn baby. And the whole purpose of an abortion is to destroy that unborn baby’s life. Many decades ago now, scientists discovered that a human life beings at the moment of conception, complete with his/her own unique DNA. . Abortion is man’s inhumanity to man but democrats lie and call it reproductive rights! It sickens me to know people on the left who try to justify the murder of an unborn baby. Of course, they don’t allow the unborn baby a “right” to life, every sane person knows life begins at conception and knows the democrats teach children to NOT value human life by example.
    Both abortion and slavery are immoral…. I shouldn’t have to tell you that, but you are slow on the uptake