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A Digital Iron Curtain Descends Over the Internet




Why free speech on the web – as we once knew it – will be over within a decade.

A generation of economic pressure failed to regulate the internet. Outraged movie studios and record companies managed to cripple some file sharing pioneers, but broke their teeth on Google’s YouTube. Dot coms like Amazon, Google, Cragislist, eBay and Netflix casually wiped out entire retail industries from the local paper to the video rental place, costing tens of thousands of jobs. And nothing.

No amount of pressure from business interests could close down the internet. Politicians were still too invested in a vision of progress fueled by the growth of something that they did not understand.

"An iron curtain has descended across the Continent," Winston Churchill once warned. A digital iron curtain is now descending over the internet. Free speech as we once knew it will be over in a decade. The internet will still be a noisy place, but it will be a managed noise of echo chambers, a moderated system in which dissenting views will be treated as trolling and purged as quickly as they are identified.



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  1. So…host your own server and website. And there is nothing to stop the Republican party or Libertarian party for acting as a host for like minded folks to communicate and of course the dark web is all about freedom. Direct i.p addresses are a good thing.
    And I do use youtube, but I have never ordered from amazon, I don’t shop on line, I do not have a smartphone nor do I want one, I don’t use Google, I have never tweeted, I do not use Facebook.
    You do have a choice. Change your browser to Epic, use a non-Google search engine (you should anyways unless you are too lazy to learn how search engines work), learn why the dark web is actually where the good guys are and above all stop giving good money to the likes of Zuckerberg, Bezos, companies like Oracle and Apple and the other liberal scum companies. Our founding father’s sacrificed their lives for freedom and most of you are too lazy to get in your car and drive to the shopping center verses lining the pockets of those who would enslave your children by buying on-line.
    There is a simple truth. Those with disposable incomes that are not aggregated at the very top tend to be republicans or conservatives. Which is to say the liberal wealth aggregators like Bezos are primarily being fed by the conspicuous consumption of those ideologically opposed to him. Stop feeding your enemy. Those pink hat losers and femmy guys that circle them, in general do not have the financial means to support the liberal companies. If Republicans and conservatives would simply not feed them the problem would go away. But once again principle gives way to convenience for so many.
    Just sayin’.