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A Lot Of Green

Here’s What The “Green New Deal” Socialist Wish List Will Look Like In The Real World



  • Today, Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced her “Green New Deal,” but the resolution is just a long socialist wish list that is woefully short on details.

o   Nearly every potential 2020 Democrat presidential candidate has signed onto the “plan” or expressed support for a similar type of proposal.

  • The Green New Deal lacks a funding mechanism, but proponents of the plan have previously proposed massive tax increases to rates as high as 70% to pay for its quixotic goals that include providing everyone “access to nature” and upgrading or replacing every building in the United States.
  • The Green New Deal requires the United States to move to 100 percent renewable energy for its power demands by ten years at the latest, but offers no tangible framework to achieve such a goal.
  • To fully decarbonize the economy alone would be a “dramatic” and unrealistic transition, and could cost at least $2 trillion, a goal one scholar has stated “defies the laws of physics.”
  • Eliminating fossil fuels completely would put at least a million Americans out of work.
  • The resolution calls for the U.S. to help other countries achieve a “global green new deal” but this would likely cause massive disruption to global trade and leave developing countries out in the cold.  


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