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Rossi: Home Run for President Trump



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By Randy Rossi - 

It will be interesting to see how the media reports on it, but the vast majority of Americans who watched President Trump’s critical State of the Union speech liked it and agreed with him on most important issues.

Don’t take my word for it, CBS released a scientific poll on it and the results clearly showed that President Trump hit a home run in his speech. According to that CBS poll, 76% of Americans who watched his speech liked it, 72% liked his ideas on illegal immigration, 71% agreed with him that we have a crisis at the border, and 78% thought his second meeting with North Korea was a good idea.

Wow, and CBS is no Trump fan!

The sad news according to this poll is that despite the fact that most Americans agree with President Trump, only 33% think that Nancy Pelosi will work with him while 63% don’t think she will.

So let’s summarize this: the vast majority of Americans agree with President Trump and what he is trying to get done for our country, but 63% think that Pelosi will resist what most Americans want our government to do. This is why President Trump tries to speak directly to the American people.

And the good news is that tens of millions of Americans got to see and hear first-hand what President Trump stands for and what he wants to do for America. And 76% of the tens of millions of Americans who heard his speech liked what they heard.

I didn’t think that 76% of Americans could agree on anything!


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