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Sure, 18 year olds, join the military, but cigs will be forbidden until 21



C69dcf0c5542dc046ef8ff3c13bf94c5SPRINGFIELD – There's something very magical about age 21 when it comes to introducing harmful products to one's body in the state of Illinois. 

This week in his first Illinois budget address, Governor Pritzker is expected to roll out an effort to legalize marijuana for anyone 21 years and older as one way to increase the state's revenue. At the same time, the Illinois legislature is expected to conaiswe banning tobacco products for anyone under age 21 – including e-cigarettes.

That's despite the fact 18 year olds can get credit cards, buy cars, vote and join the military.

HB 345 to ban tobacco purchases will be heard in an Illinois House committee Tuesday, February 19. The sponsors come from both sides of the aisle: Rep. Camille Y. Lilly - Tim ButlerSonya M. HarperDaniel DidechNicholas K. SmithRobert MartwickWill GuzzardiTheresa MahMargo McDermedAnn M. WilliamsMonica BristowMarcus C. Evans, Jr.Sara FeigenholtzEmanuel Chris WelchMaurice A. West IIAnne Stava-MurrayKarina VillaElizabeth HernandezJustin SlaughterKelly M. Cassidy and Katie Stuart

Already in Illinois, 30 localities restrict anyone under age 21 from buying tobacco:

1. Arlington Heights 2. Aurora 3. Barrington 4. Berwyn 5. Bolingbrook 6. Buffalo Grove 7. Chicago 8. Deerfield 9. Elgin 10. Elk Grove 11. Evanston 12. Glen Ellyn 13. Gurnee 14. Highland Park 15. Hopkins Park 16. Lake County2 17. Lake Zurich 18. Lincolnshire 19. Maywood 20. Mundelein 21. Naperville 22. Normal 23. Oak Park 24. Peoria 25. Riverwoods 26. Skokie 27. Vernon Hills 28. Washington 29. Wheaton and 30. Wilmette 

So marijuana is going to be easier to access statewide while tobacco and e-cigarettes will be more difficult to obtain. And it's all about turning that magical age of 21. 


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  1. This is a great 14th Amendment case for federal court. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Does the law apply to everyone who’s an adult?

  2. The 18 year old vote was based upon the climate of the Vietnam War when one could be drafted but not vote.
    It was ratified in July 1971 when the draft was almost over and relatively soon it would be a volunteer army -officially July 1, 1973.
    So 99.999% of those 18 year olds’ who were drafted for Vietnam did not get to vote and since then all 18 year olds’ can.
    Rather ridiculous put in its historical perspective but along with felons voting it does help the Democrats to pad their voting roles.

  3. Yet 18 year olds are allowed to do the single most destructive thing that they could do: elect Democrats. I see in Oregon a Democrat effort is afoot to make 16 year olds voters. Why not register babies? Pre-K teachers would arrange the ballots, of course. Geeh. No interests?