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Thorner & O’Neil: How and why did America come to embrace Socialism?



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By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

California's U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, much fawned over by Democrats, has been described as an intelligent, attractive woman. Few would disagree with that assessment; however, those who have done even a basic research about her political viewpoints now consider her too Left of center, bordering on extreme.

Harris, not unlike Washington officials and her fellow comrades, doesn’t seem to believe there is anything dangerous in the escalation of Socialist programs throughout the country.  One only needs to listen to the Left’s new darling Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to realize how “dumbed down” Democrat leaders and their members have become.  This applies also to fellow citizens who have been persuaded by all the “free goodies” being promised them.   

Our nation has possibly not experienced such danger since the Civil War. Blame for the current crisis might be attributed to these two factors: Progressive Education System and Biased, Leftist Media.


The most obvious is our schools.  For decades they have been feeding our children a leftist agenda and avoided expounding on the brilliance of our forefathers who gave us our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  

We have too many teachers and school administrators, as well as powerful teacher unions dominated by Leftist Socialist ideals, expressing distaste for our Republic and/or our Capitalist form of government.  They, as with the media, have lost sight of what really made America great and instead focus on and praise failed past political systems.  Socialism has become their favorite.  This has resulted in our schools currently teaching our children and grandchildren the exact opposite of the facts taught in public schools for centuries.  A 2014 HERI report found that 60 percent of professors nationwide identified as left-leaning and that they outnumbered right-leaning educators by a ratio of 5 to 1.  If still in doubt as to the existence of extreme bias at the college level, consider how most colleges invite far Left speakers while strongly discouraging Conservative ones too speak on their campuses.  This has been happening to some degree for at least 40 years, but facts have gone unreported by media sources, who as Leftists make the decisions as to what the public has a right to know.   No wonder President Trump has no love for the media! 

Teaching facts about Venezuela’s current upheaval should be taught to students starting at the Middle School level, but, if discussed, likely omitted is the main reason for Venezuela's downfall — its Socialist government and Socialist leaders.  


The once rich nation of Venezuela failed for the same reason so many other once-prosperous nations collapsed in the past; they adopted a Socialist form of governing.  History has shown a pattern of decline in countries who have preferred Communism and/or Socialism.  America has avoided falling into that trap, even though there are those living among us who advocate Socialism and in have introduced it in many forms throughout the United States.  How long will this nation resist the trap of Socialism when are children, at all levels, are not being taught the truth about Socialism and the havoc and destruction is causes? 

The leftist media

Thankfully there are still some excellent fair and balanced news sources. Fox News advertises itself as such and does an acceptable job of fulfilling that goal. It does seem more “fair and balanced” most of the time, although those on the Left would argue that Fox leans largely to a Conservative point of view.  

One of the more brilliant of onservative speakers who has had opportunities to express his opinions on a public platform is Dinesh D'Souza.  D'Souza accepts challenges from the Left to debate important issues and has a reputation for providing facts when he speaks. Without Conservatives like D'Sousa, the public might not realize that brilliant conservative commentators exist who argue issues by using provable statements and facts, rather than relying on emotion and conjecture.  D'Souza often uses the brilliance of our forefathers to compare why Conservatism is superior to what Socialist Democrats are offering and/or advocating.

Just as schools are failing to being home to students why the once prosperous country of Venezuela is on the brink of collapse, so it is with the Leftist bias coming from the mainstream media in its reporting, or lack of reporting, about Venezuela.  Very few news sources have provided facts to the public about the tragic conditions of its impoverished citizens, some so impoverished they are forced to eat their dogs to stay alive.  In that an attempt is in progress to overthrow the Venezuela government, shouldn't this be front-page news in every newspaper as well as a leading story on television news channels, not only about Venezuela's brutal upheaval, but the reason behind its downfall – Socialism?  The same can be said about the way most mainstream media sources responded to Cuba, a once prosperous country like Venezuela, whose decline was largely, if not entirely, due to the Socialists governing them.  

What can be done?

The question becomes what can or should we be done about the creeping and destructive cancer of Socialism?  The authors believe Trump was elected because a large segment of our population realized something was broken in D.C., that it might take someone outside of the political realm to fix it.  Trump had built a fortune and enjoyed a good life.  He didn't need to run for president. We suspect, however, that many of our fellow Americans thought Trump had what it would take to keep his promise to “Make America Great Again.” Trump has a good chance to do so, but he must fight daily against the media and other forces aligned against him who take every opportunity to malign his accomplishments and counter his decisions.

Those of us who are aware of the dangers of Socialism must do our part to speak out and condemn it.  We have the ammunition to “fire away", but how do we effectively alert and persuade others to use it?   We fear most Republicans are content to remain silent and even refuse to discuss politics in public.  Why is this so?   Many have been conditioned to believe that politics should never be discussed in polite company because it could create unwelcome divisions.  The fact is, we should ALWAYS discuss politics whenever the opportunity avails itself, because our opponents are certainly doing so.  Silence is not golden when it comes to expressing facts and truths that need to be conveyed.  Remaining silent only allows a cancer to grow.

The only way America will survive is to educate as many people as possible in our own “spheres of influence.  Whether that involves boldly but wisely speaking to our family and friends or writing letters to news sources explaining and providing facts that show the growing cancer within America, it must be done.  This cancer will only be excised via conversations by knowledgeable and wise people armed with truth and facts.  Way too many Republicans try to avoid conflicts by “going along to get along."

What we are called to do

Our ancestors have for centuries preserved and nourished our way of life.  Is this the generation that will fail to do so?  The need has never been greater for this generation to speak out.  We no longer have the luxury of remaining silent, because a new generation of Americans have been taught and fed a Socialist agenda in their schools, in tandem with a variety of Leftist media sources (largely financed by billionaire and Communist George Soros) who spout and push Socialist/Communist propaganda.  Those of us who know these truths MUST speak out whenever the opportunity arises. 

We must do our best to minimize the damage schools have done in forcing a Leftist agenda on are children, but how do we stop this massive re-education within our schools?  Leftists found a way to put D'Souza in prison, but he came out fighting hard again against the advance of Socialism.  If many of us did what this one man has done (a man who was not even born in America), we could save America and secure our nation for our grandchildren and future generations. If we as a people remain silent, we will become one more statistic of a once great nation in history that deteriorated from within.

As expressed by Paul Ryan on Sunday, June 26, 2016 in a TV interview, and rated true by Politifact, the United States is “the oldest democracy” in the world for this reason:  

“While the United States is not the first to include elements of democracy, it is the oldest existing nation with a constitutional government in which the people elect their own government and representatives.”

We must remain vigilant if we want this nation to survive another hundred years. 

How do we remain vigilant?  

  1.  Stay informed. 
  2. Share opinions with all within our sphere of influence. 
  3. Act by discussing/confronting issues, that have proven to fail in the past.  

To be avoided are the common mistakes other nations have made and which eventually caused their failure.  We owe this to our kids and grand-kids and to all who have sacrificed their lives so that we might retain the America our forefathers passed on to us. We have the “baton” and must carefully and purposely pass it on to the generation that will replace us.  We do that by explaining why and what “made America great.”  

Trump did just that and won the election over candidates who would have accepted the status quo.  For this President Trump needs our applause and support; for this reason the Left hates and wants to destroy Trump.   


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  1. There has always been a strong liberal/socialist element in American politics. It has come and gone in strength and it has been in different guises over the years.
    In the indoctrination by the establishment is well noted tin this article. And it has played a significant role.
    However, I will come back to it again and again. Massive immigration from 3rd world population, both legally and illegally, has provided the NUMBERS for the Democrats who want a socialist state.
    The tipping point has been reached. In the past, any Republican who won by a 55-45 % was considered to have had a good win. But the massive number of immigrants and their descendants who tend to vote 70+% for Democrats is the telling factor.
    I am surprised this does not get more attention. I have been talking about this trend for the last 30 years. It is quite obvious yet few supposedly expert political pundits will address it.

  2. The Socialist Countries namely Soviet Union and its little neighbors are now in our sphere. Their leaders were all Atheists. Atheists killed over 100 million people. The Atheists have not stopped. Look at China today.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  3. Another excellent article. You have it exactly right: “Blame for the current crisis might be attributed to these two factors: Progressive Education System and Biased, Leftist Media.” Unfortunately, I do not think there is any hope to save our country given these two powerful forces as well as the changing demographics due to chain migration, porous borders and sanctuary cities. In a nutshell, we are doomed.

  4. As liberals have acquired leadership roles in the takeover of Americans institutions, many of which are quasi-governmental , ie, governmental education, they’ve grown VERY COMFORTABLE with being on the taxpayer dole. Superintendents have mastered the assurance of emassing wealth for themselves of course, by manipulating compensation systems with unbelievable pensions while prostelitizing opulanance for ‘the good of OUR kids’, as just one example. School Boards have been culpable in this highjacking while abdicating their responsibilities of public trust.
    Until illinoisians wake up, encourage conservatives to run with our support , Illinois will continue into the Abyss. America’s Second Civil War is happening NOW.

  5. Folks, the number one enemy of your liberty and freedom is the public education system. This is true for many reasons.
    I will reiterate once again about the only good thing about Illinois it is among the best state’s to be a home-schooler in.
    If you love your children and grand children home school them. Today with modern technology you do not even have to do the teaching, you can simply use a virtual classroom and it highly, highly effective. In other words you can transfer the schooling part to a third party and simply host your children’s or grandchildren’s education in a warm, safe nurturing environment. Or of course you can go the full I am teaching route or create a mixture between the two. It is inexpensive and affordable to home school.
    In the end ask yourself this simple question. Did you have children so the State could indoctrinate your children into a subservient mindset? Did you have children so strangers could instill their values and believes into your very own children? When you send your children to public school you turn your most precious asset to the care custody and control of institutions, organizations, and people who do not have your children’s well being as their number one objective.
    Think about it.

  6. Democrats are already talking about fielding a primary challenger to take out Ocasio-Cortez who is proving herself to be a narcissistic lunatic. Her dancing down the Halls of Congress is symptomatic of her lack of depth.