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Thorner/O’Neil: Battle to protect America’s Electoral College heats up



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By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

A nation's governing system will not be truly a democratic republic unless its citizens are able to choose their representatives through elections that are free and fair.

We have free elections in the U.S., but what about fair elections?  With the 2020 presidential race now under way and given Democrats' desire to take back the White House by any means possible — for winning is the only things that matters to the Left — the 2020 election could be the most corrupt and unscrupulous American election ever held.  Will Republicans be prepared to fight back?

An article in the Washington Times on January 27, 2019 by contributor Robert Knight, How Tolerance Goes Out the Window when the Left Takes Over, told about a system already in place in California "with automatic voter registration, automatic mailing of unrequested ballots, same-day registration, extended early voting, difficult removal of ineligible voters from the rolls, 'ballot harvesting' and millions of illegal aliens on public assistance who can be turned into reliable kleptocratic voters."

Having worked so well in California to eliminate political competition, Speaker Nancy Pelosi now wants the same bill at the federal level, with the exception of ballot harvesting. In 2016, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a change to Section 3017 of the Election Code that allows any person to collect a mail-in ballot from voters and turn in the mail ballot to a polling place or the registrar’s office. Prior law restricted the practice to just relatives of or those living in the same household as the voter.

As Mr. Knight relates in his Washington Times' article:  "If the left ever achieves total power, as the Democrats' newly proposed election bill HR 1 is designed to facilitate, we can kiss 'tolerance' goodbye."  

Adam Brandon, a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog and president and CEO of FreedomWorks, had more to say about H.R. 1 in his January 31, 2018 commentary, HR 1 'Incumbent Protection Act' destroys free election.

H.R. 1 was proposed by Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md. who represents arguably the most gerrymandered congressional district in the country, and he wants to keep it that way.  Further stated by Brandon: 

“Congress has a knack for naming legislation after its opposite intended effect. If you’ve spent more than a weekend in Washington, you know that a bill named “For the People’ is likely a far cry from actually benefiting the public.  The ‘Incumbent Protection Act would be a more fitting name for this piece of legislation.”

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Ed Martin

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles take on H.R.1

Ed Martin, president of the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, featured Heritage Foundation's Hans von Spakovsky on his Thursday, January, 2019 week day radio show, The Ed Martin Movement, to talk about the dangers of H.R. 1 which was called a "fantasy dream" of the progressive left. It's everything they want to change in election and voting rules all over the country.  Click this link to listen. 

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles further signed onto a coalition letter as shared by president Ed Martin entitled, "Conservatives Oppose H.R. 1. The Ultimate fantasy of the Left".  If it became law, H.R. 1 would ultimately destroy America's electoral system.  Click here to read here the letter.

Below are some of the changes H.R. 1 would mandate if implemented:

  • Forces states to implement mandatory voter registration, removing civic participation as a voluntary choice, and increasing chances for error.
  • Mandates that states allow all felons to vote.
  • Mandates same-day voter registration, which encourages voter fraud.
  • Limits the ability of states to cooperate to see who is registered in multiple states at the same time.
  • Prohibits election observers from cooperating with election officials to file formal challenges to suspicious voter registrationBars states from making their own laws about voting by mail.
  • Bars states from making their own laws about voting by mail.
  • Prohibits chief election officials in each state from participating in federal election campaigns.
  • Mandates free mailing of absentee ballots.
  • Mandates that states adopt new redistricting commissions.

Ballot harvesting in CA

Co-author Bonnie O'Neil has had first-hand experience with California's voting law.  Living in Orange County, CA. it was one of the few traditionally Republican Counties in a State dominated by Democrats.  However, in the last election Orange County turned from its usual solid Republican Red to a dreary Democrat Blue.  

How did this happen?   As Bonnie explains, it was largely due to a newly devised Ca. State law that permitted “harvesting ballots." This newly devised “Harvesting” law allowed volunteers to go door to door and volunteer to take voters' ballots to the Registrar’s office. The excuse for this law was that more people would vote.  As an example, it was suggested it would help those in nursing homes.  Opponents of the new law claimed it would make fraudulent voting much more prevalent because the new law made detection far more difficult.  

A fair and balanced approach would be to create laws that would assure California voters their ballot choices would not be cancelled by illegal ones.  California citizens woke up to realize just the opposite had happened.  Their state government created a perfect, hard-to-detect way to manipulate the voting system.  

Dedicated, patriotic voters who spent time educating themselves on candidates and ballot issues were alarmed as they saw so much potential for abuse created by this new law. Sacramento officials created a near perfect way for a campaign or political party to manipulate the results of an election. They just need to use Democrat volunteers or pay trusted Democrats to go door-to-door and “harvest ballots.”  It was so easy and “neighborly” to pretend you were doing someone a favor, when in fact your goal was to deposit Republican voter ballots in a “shredder” and then take all the Democrat ballots to the Registrar’s office to be counted.  There is no way a voter who entrusted their ballot to another can be assured the ballot was delivered to the proper authority.    

As to the outcome, the “harvesting ballots” law proved to be a disaster for Ca. Republicans, especially in normally Republican strongholds. It is believed to have opened opportunities for fraudulent voting.  What assurance was there that specific ballots (let’s say those of Republicans) were really delivered to the Voter Registrar’s office?  What would prevent a campaign from hiring people from their Party to help destroy specific ballots …. such as harvested Republican ballots? There was no assurance whatsoever or mechanisms in place to verify if “harvested” ballots were delivered or destroyed.  

When it was learned Orange County, a decades long Republican stronghold turned totally Blue in one election, it seemed obvious the new “harvesting ballot law had some serious flaws.  Democrats simply took advantage of this new law and canvassed specific neighborhoods to “help” by offering to take their ballot to the appropriate place and save them the trouble and expense of a STAMP.  

Did specific volunteers offer to “help” advise people how to fill out their ballots.  Were “harvested” Republican ballots conveniently lost?   What other rational explanation can be made when most every Republican lost in a County previously dominated by Republicans for many decades.  The only difference in this election to those of the past was one:  the new Ca. State law that allowed harvesting ballots.  To pretend this new law was not a factor that helped Democrats win the majority of seats is as detrimental to the integrity of our voting system as the new “harvesting ballot” law that created the problem.

Election fraud exists!

How often have we heard said "there is no election fraud"?  Although H.R.1 doesn't mandate harvesting of votes, it doesn't mean that other states won't adopt this election "reform" on their own.  

As to the question "do illegal aliens actually vote in our elections?” The simple answer is yes, of course they can, and they do, although under 18 USC § 611 it is unlawful to do so and can result in a fine with up to one year in prison.

A report on January 31, 2019 told how Texas officials scoured state databases and flagged 95,000 non-citizens who are registered to vote — and 58,000 of them had already voted in at least one election.  This is possibly only the tip of the iceberg.  Co-author Bonnie O'Neil is of the opinion that 2 or more million illegal immigrants voted in Ca. in the 2018 mid-term elections.

Absentees ballots also promote fraud, as possibly happened in Arizona's Senate election between McSally and Sinema in the Nov. mid-term election, as in other races across this nation, when Republicans win on election day only to find they have lost when all the absentee ballots are finally delivered for counting. 

It is not too early for patriots to let others know what challenges lie ahead in 2000.  Not only must H.R.1 be defeated, but Republicans in charge of each state much be cognizant of the fraud perpetrated through absentee ballots and non-citizens voting.  If full attention is not given to these problems, the Republican Party will be driven out of existence, which is what the Democrat Socialist Party desires for this nation through tried and tested election shenanigans. 

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  1. America isn’t the land of the free, it is the land of the immoral and corrupt.
    John Adams was spot on, when he said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  2. The Democrats have the numbers by establishing a welfare state and massive importation of 3rd world poverty.
    the next step is to have barely disguised phony elections.
    Will the Republicans fight back? NO!!!

  3. Each state should give electoral votes proportionally. If that happened, in 2016, Trump would have received nine votes from Illinois. He would have received votes from California and New York. Clinton would have received votes from Texas, Florida, and Ohio, but Trump still would have won.
    Each state legislature should pass a bill that would require people to prove U.S. citizenship, when they register to vote. Now, only four states (AZ, KS, AL,and GA)require that. The same bill should require people to show a photo ID, when they vote.

  4. The new Federal attorney general should demand each state’s attorney general fully prosecute and imprison every illegal alien who has voted. If they do not, Barr should have them removed from office. I am hopeful Barr will exhibit some gonads. He has much to do to clean up the IRS, office of the Attorney General, Justice Department and FBI. Personally I ma of the opinion the DOJ and FBI need to be dismantled and rebuilt with new names and new oversight. But, symbolically, going after illegal aliens who vote in our sovereign elections should be low hanging fruit as we proclaim that we are once again to be a law abiding country, where there is one law for all citizens.

  5. Thank you, Nancy & Bonnie,
    Problem lawful American voters have is information like this is not reaching liberal ignoramuses or lazy conservatives. They can’t squeeze out enough energy to read and study or they’re just too busy with their lives to care about “politics.”
    However, we must keep at it. I appreciate all the hard work that went into this excellent report. I posted a link to it on my blog.
    May the Lord bless you as you do His good work.

  6. Your article is eye opening and revolting! For elections to be fair, there must be way stricter controls, not less strict. Democrats have been cheating for years on voting and getting away with it and it has now escalated to an uncontrollable level. We are turning into a banana republic. I like the quote from the Washington Times article but it does not go far enough: “If the left ever achieves total power, as the Democrats’ newly proposed election bill HR 1 is designed to facilitate, we can kiss ‘tolerance’ goodbye.” The word tolerance should be replaced with the words “our country.” Good thing President Trump, while in power, has veto power, but it’s only a matter of time before democrats succeed in their mass voter fraud enabling and destruction of our country.