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Democrat continues to refuse to resign as Virginia governor despite racist allegations



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Over the weekend, a 35 year old photo on the new governor of Virginia's medical school yearbook launched a movement demanding he resign.

The governor, a Democrat, at first apologized for the photo, then said he didn't remember being in the photo dressed as either a Ku Klux Klan member or with black-face makeup.

He refuses as of Monday morning to resign, although all 2020 Democrat presidential candidates have called on him to step down. 

Freedom's Journal Institute is addressing "Racism in America and the Role of the Church" in March. Check it out: 


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  1. I don’t like the guy, I think he is a scum, but it has nothing to do with the photo, it has to do with the fact he is Democrat and a baby killer. Who cares if he dressed in blackface or tells racial jokes. Society need to get over its femmy PCnish and grow a pair again. His actions become subject to reprimand when he initiates policy against a race not when he offends one. This country needs to grow up again. Boys and men need to revel in their testosterone and masculinity not eat soy and play with Barbie Dolls.
    In the end the Democrats were okay with a baby killer but making sport with racially insensitive costume, well that is a step too far. What a sick, twisted group of people. So I guess if he just wants to murder black babies it is okay, as long as he doesn’t tell any jokes about them.

  2. “Racism” is the excuse the Democrats are using.
    The REAL heat came down on Northam when he endorsed late-term or post-birth ABORTIONS, as New York had already done.
    I think a large number of Virginians were so outraged over Northam’s endorsement of infanticide that the main-stream media, and his own Democrat Party, had to find “something”
    to distract the public from the abortion issue, and this is the only thing they could find to do the job.