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As World Mourns Mosque Killings, Christian Genocide Continues




The world rightly reacted with shock and horror when a sadistic mass murderer attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 and wounding many more. The attacker was a radical, self-described “eco-fascist” who advocated “Green Nationalism” and, like socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, wanted state control of corporations and railed against capitalism, free markets, and overpopulation, among other things. He forthrightly admitted using guns on his murderous spree to catalyze the Left into pushing for more gun control.

The story of the mosque attacks dominated news headlines and social media, with millions expressing sorrow and anger at the cowardly act. Again, rightly so, as such attacks must be condemned by all decent, peaceful men and women.

Yet the attention given this story also exposes a darker parallel in which even more vicious, violent attacks go all but unnoticed. And why might that be?

Because the victims are Christians, members of a religion for which it is increasingly acceptable to persecute its adherents.

In Nigeria, from February to mid-March, 280 Christians were murdered in violent attacks by Fulani militants. The Fulani are nomadic Muslim herdsmen, herding cattle across vast swaths of central Africa. As they drive their cattle, they have driven out the Christian minority, setting their homes on fire and leaving large groups of women, children, and the elderly to suffer.

In a single day last week, the Fulani killed 52 people and destroyed 100 homes in two villages. Another 43 homes were destroyed later that same day. Since 2016, tens of thousands of Nigerian Christians have been displaced and thousands murdered. The Fulani militants have become so murderous, in fact, that they have now killed more innocent Christians (and others) than the infamous African Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.


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  1. The left has a war against Christianity and Christians… they could care less about Christian murders by Muslims who are intolerant of all other religions. If your religious doctrine mandates death to those who won’t practice your religion, I say you should find another religion.