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Bureaucrats try to squash independent thought



Unnamed (1)After deliberating for two years, a national commission is pushing to implement social-emotional learning (SEL) in all government schools. The commission, led by The Aspen Institute, is farming the movement as a benign matter of developing “the whole child.”

SEL is a red-hot item on the panacea shelf in the fad-prone realm of mass education right now, as is computerized personalized learning. Hence, a plug from Aspen’s globalist thinkers could be an added boost.

The first recommendation of Aspen’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Achievement is that policymakers “set a clear vision that broadens the definition of student success to prioritize the whole child.”



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  1. The “educational system” is set up to PUNISH, not teach.
    If the child asks what is considered a “socially unacceptable” question, he or she is quickly considered a troublemaker.
    Worse, the child-s parents are often cowards who fear their child will be additionally punished is they protest and make an issue out of the matter.
    Problem is: those parents are often CORRECT in that perception.
    That’s how the school administrators get away with this crap.