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Genderless Babies Are the New Craze




Bonnie Love is a mother who didn’t want her youngest child, Isabella, growing up with a gender assignment.

So when Isabella was born, Love and her female partner didn’t use a gender-specific pronoun. They gave her toys that are popular for both boys and girls. They didn’t use gender-specific colors, such as pink and purple.

The goal: let Isabella choose her gender.

“Our family had a really hard time with that because it’s not normal, and people wanted to know whether or not to buy the pink or the blue, and I also didn't want that,” Love toldFox 11 television in Los Angeles.



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  1. Way to screw up your kid. When I was an investigator in the army, we had a GI who was gay and turned himself in and was discharged. He had been raised by his mother and aunt who dressed him as a girl (father was not present in the household). He became a singer and dancer on Broadway and tried to serve as a soldier, but was unable due to his attraction to other men.

  2. My daughter likes kittens. I think I’ll let her chose her genus and raise her as a kitten. It is the right thing to do for the environment too, she can just use a litter box rather than those nasty diapers that take up space in our landfills.