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IL GOP Chairman Schneider: I support President Trump


Since last November's devastating election losses, calls for IL GOP Chairman Tim Schneider to resign have been coming from groups outside the IL GOP, such as Illinois Family Action and the Illinois Conservative Union. To complicate the tense environment, for years, a former state party chairman – who also served as Ohio Gov John Kasich's presidential bid co-chairman in Illinois – has been prominent on the Chicago air waves and on Twitter (@pat_brady), criticizing President Trump. 

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider asked the following opinion be shared with Illinois Review readers:

As Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, I have been unequivocal in my support for President Donald J. Trump. As the leader of the Illinois delegation at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, I was proud to cast our delegation’s votes in support of then-candidate Donald Trump’s nomination to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. And most recently at our previous State Central Committee meeting in Bolingbrook, I reiterated the Illinois Republican Party’s continued support for our president.

In light of reports that a former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party has continued to be vocal in his opposition of President Trump, let me be clear once again – the Illinois Republican Party wholeheartedly supports the re-election of President Donald Trump. Through his unwavering leadership of our country and his America First agenda, President Trump deserves the support of our Party in the 2020 primary, without question. The former chairman does not speak for or represent the views of the Illinois Republican Party. I, along with the eighteen members of the State Central Committee and the National Committeeman and Committeewoman to the RNC, are the duly-elected leaders of the Illinois Republican Party, and we all speak with one voice – the president should be re-elected.

As one pollster recently said, President Trump has more support from Republican voters than any Republican president in the entire history of public opinion polling. As Illinois Republicans, we know we don’t need a poll to tell us that. We talk with and work with the grassroots and Republican voters every day. President Trump’s support among Republicans is near unanimous. As we approach the 2020 election, let’s continue to support President Trump’s agenda and work even harder to keep him in the White House. With another four years of President Trump, our country will continue to be safe, secure, and prosperous.


  1. AWESOME…I am so glad that the Illinois Review decided to publish the letter of support of President Trump by the IL-GOP Chairman, Mr. Tim Schneider.
    I believe that Tim Schneider is a true gentleman and has a tremendous love for his fellow Illinoisans. He has a very difficult task of trying to unite the IL-GOP between warring liberal and conservative camps that exist in Illinois and was brought to a head with a revolt against Bruce Rauner and his attack on the ILGOP Platform with his policies that he enacted, by Jeanne Ives and her supporters. Me being one of her biggest.
    As I have stated previously, Tim Schneider will have my full support in his efforts to bring unity to the Republican Party in Illinois. Mr. Schneider knows that, as Illinois Republicans, time is not on our side and will need the help of anyone willing to provide it in order to make unity a reality. It won’t be easy by any means.
    IL-GOP Chairman, Tim Schneider, knows that we are on the front lines against socialism in our country, and it requires all hands on deck…UNITY begins by supporting President Trump.
    If you call yourself a Republican in Illinois and you do not support the Illinois Republican Platform, along with our Republican leader and President…then it is obvious you need to leave the party.

  2. What a shame that the chairman of the IL GOP has to write commentary to assure everyone he’s for the president. This shows how weak and confused the IL GOP is since their benefactor Gov Rauner went into seclusion and took his checkbook with him.
    There’s more to hit the fan in the days to come. Schneider is protecting the RINO wing of the party – the ones that don’t adhere to the IL GOP platform and sleep with Democrats on a regular basis.
    Let’s make a clean break, folks. Let’s start a new party and leave them in the dust. It’s time.

  3. This letter was in response to never-Trumper and former ILGOP Chairman, Pat Brady, and his constant attacks on President Trump. Well done…Pat Brady does not speak for the Republican Party in Illinois.

  4. This Mark Shaws response to Tim Schneider’s letter:
    “Extremely well said Mr. Chairman! I join you in affirming that the members of the Illinois Republican Party’s State Central Committee, the Republican National Committeeman and Committeewoman from Illinois, and you speak with one voice — we support the re-election of President Trump and Vice President Pence. Pat Brady does not speak for the Illinois Republican Party, nor has he since he resigned in the face of certain impeachment almost 6 years ago. Respectfully, Mark Shaw, Co-Chairman, and President of the Republican County Chairmen’s Association of Illinois.”…Mark Shaw

  5. Mr. Ptak –
    You’re one to speak. You promoted – and demeaned anyone that didn’t agree with you – about the faultless Bruce Rauner. Your judgement is lacking and you’re easily swayed by the worst actors. Not sure where you came up with all your political insight before 2013 and Bruce Rauner, but thanks to you and others like you, we lost 4 years with Rauner and sunk quicker into the IL GOP swamp.
    Sorry – your opinion does not matter.

  6. Hi Grandma,
    There was nobody better to support in 2014, I viewed the other three candidates as part of the problem in Illinois.
    On election night I congratulated Bruce Rauner. I then told him that if he disappointed me, I would work twice as hard to throw out of office and he said, “fair enough, Joe”.
    Well I meant what I said when he didn’t come out in support of President Trump. I joined in the effort to replace Rauner with Jeanne Ives…I was her McHenry County campaign coordinator. We carried the county against Rauner.
    Your opinion would matter…if you were brave enough to use your real name in your own state and country. Since you do not…don’t question why our state is so screwed up…just look in the mirror and ask who are you?

  7. In any profession, this man Schneider would be gone from his job after the most humiliating performance in Illinois Republican history (even during FDR the Republicans did better in the Collars). But as the loyal (and paid off under the table) opposition, the Republican Party refuses to change and will continue to push rejects like Oberweiss in the few legislative seats they could win back in 2020. Pat Brady is just saying what they really think behind the scenes and made very clear with their attacks of Trump in 2016 and Ives in 2018.

  8. What a joke, Schneider is doing zero to support President Trump and everyone knows it. Schneider is not a leader and he’s well on his way to yet another election disaster on his watch. Shame on the enablers who want to run interference for him. You’re part of the problem too.

  9. If unequivocal means silent, then Tim Schneider nailed it. He IS the horn of the Rinos. I support my President. Tim was a overriding failure in the mid-terms and anyone who doesn’t see that is either naive or deep state establishment. Most of that committee requires change. Look up the definition of insanity.

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