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Illinois lawmakers introduce plan denying unborn “independent rights”



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SPRINGFIELD – Abortion advocates are testing just how far the Illinois public will tolerate them going to expand abortions in Illinois with two measures now in the Illinois General Assembly. HB 2495 and SB 1942 are energized with a pro-abortion majority in both Illinois chambers and a new governor that Planned Parenthood and Personal PAC were eager to put into office. Illinois could become the most radical abortion state in the nation.

With either HB 2495 or SB 1942, all restrictions on post-viability abortions will be eliminated and abortions will be allowed for any reason whatsoever throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Abortions methods on unborn babies developed enough to live outside their mothers' wombs will be allowed with no consideration of the babies' chances of surviving the abortion. During late term abortions, there will no longer be the need to have a second physician on hand to provide medical care for a baby the abortionist did not intend to survive an abortion. 

"…(T)he Reproductive Health Act, as its supporters candidly admit, goes far beyond repealing Illinois statutes that have been struck down by the federal courts, and would repeal a broad range of constitutional statutes that regulate the performance of abortion in Illinois, as well as jeopardize statutes and judicial rules that have nothing whatsoever to do with abortion," an assessment by the Thomas More Society says. 

If the legislation were to become law as written, Illinois would have in its statutes a clear declaration that unborn babies have no rights – especially no right to life. 

Thomas More Society explains: "In reading the Reproductive Health Act, one can feel the disdain, indeed, the contempt, the Act has for the unborn child, whose life counts for nothing. Nowhere is this contempt expressed more strongly than in § 1-15(c) (p. 4, lines 24-25), where the Act states that “[a] fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State.”

The proposal would remove restrictions on where abortions may be performed, would no longer require physicians to perform abortions and allow expectant mothers to perform abortions on themselves, without medical supervision. Abortion clinics would no longer be required to abide by healthcare guidelines. 

In addition, rights of conscience would be overruled, and churches, as well as religious organizations would be required to offer health insurance that pays for abortions. A path to undermine laws protecting the rights of medical staff to refuse to participate in abortions would be set in place. 

The measure goes on to eliminate any restrictions on fetal experimentation and more. In conclusion, Thomas More Society writes

The Reproductive Health Act is an extreme bill that would basically enshrine abortion as a positive good in Illinois law. It would eliminate virtually all common sense regulation of abortion, including regulations that are constitutional, mandate coverage for abortion in health insurance policies – even in those policies provided by churches and religious organizations – provide an argument for the nullification of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995 and undermine existing legal protections for institutional and individual rights of conscience. The Reproductive Health Act is a radical bill that the people of Illinois and members of the General Assembly should vigorously and aggressively oppose.

The following Democrat state representatives have signed on to sponsor/co-sponsor HB 2495: Rep. Kelly M. Cassidy - Emanuel Chris Welch - Sara Feigenholtz - Marcus C. Evans, Jr. - Jehan Gordon-BoothThaddeus JonesKatie StuartElizabeth HernandezAnn M. WilliamsDeb ConroyMartin J. MoylanDaniel DidechMark L. WalkerAnne Stava-MurrayGregory HarrisAnna MoellerCelina VillanuevaDelia C. RamirezSonya M. HarperJustin SlaughterTheresa MahAaron M. OrtizBob MorganJennifer Gong-GershowitzWill GuzzardiRobyn GabelMichelle MussmanLamont J. Robinson, Jr.John ConnorJonathan CarrollRobert MartwickJaime M. Andrade, Jr.Luis ArroyoMichael J. ZalewskiKarina VillaKathleen WillisWilliam DavisCarol Ammons and Debbie Meyers-Martin

The following Democrat senators have signed on to sponsor/co-sponsor SB 1942: Sen. Melinda Bush - Elgie R. Sims, Jr. - Cristina Castro - Kimberly A. Lightford - Robert PetersOmar AquinoDon HarmonLinda HolmesIris Y. MartinezHeather A. SteansMattie HunterToi W. Hutchinson and Emil Jones, III

SB 1942 is awaiting hearing in the Senate Executive Committee. HB 2495 was assigned to the Informed Consent sub-committee. 


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  1. Constitution of the State of Illinois
    All men are by nature free and independent and have
    certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life,
    liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights
    and the protection of property, governments are instituted
    among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the
    governed. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

    The Illinois state legislature cannot enact a state statute to change the Bill of Rights in the Illinois Constitution. State Statutes are subservient to the Illinois constitution.

    NEW BORN AND UNBORN BABIES ARE INDIVIDUALS. An abortion involves two human beings, the woman and her unborn baby. And the whole purpose of an abortion is to destroy that unborn baby’s life. Many decades ago now, scientists discovered that a human life begins at the moment of conception, complete with his/her own unique DNA.
    Margaret Sanger wrote in her book Pivot of Civilization, calling for the:
    “Elimination of ‘human weeds’ … overrunning the human garden; for the cessation of ‘charity’ because it prolonged the lives of the unfit; for the segregation of ‘morons, misfits, and the maladjusted’; and for the sterilization of genetically inferior races.”
    Margaret Sanger wrote in her autobiography that she addressed a Klu Klux Klan rally in Silver Lake, New Jersey in 1938.
    Margaret Sangers’ magazine The Birth Control Review published an article by Nazi Party member Ernst Rüdin, one of the “fathers of racial hygiene.”
    Margaret Sanger, who promoted “eugenics” and “forced sterilization” to eliminate inferior races.
    Yes Sanger is held up as a hero of the BABY MURDERING left…

  3. Margaret Sanger award was given to Hillary Clinton. Does Madigan, Cullerton, Rauner and Pritzker have this dishonor also. If Hitler were alive he certainly earned this dishonor.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht