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Rossi: Thanks for Clearing Things up, Democrats!




By Randy Rossi - 

Democrats have done the GOP a great favor by clearing up what they stand for in time for the 2020 presidential election. Over the last few months, Democrats have made it clear that they are the party of socialism, open borders, infanticide, and killing fossil fuels.

Anybody with an IQ over 50 who is watching socialist Venezuela crash from the 4th wealthiest nation in the world to one of the poorest in chaos should know that socialism is a really bad idea! Any informed person who has watched the caravans of thousands of illegal immigrants try to invade our southern border knows that open borders are a bad idea too.

And any moral person who watched New York and Virginia celebrate making late term abortions legal which means they can kill a living breathing baby should be outraged and 85% of Americans actually are. And now virtually all of the Democrat candidates for president have endorsed Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s crazy “Green New Deal” which will make fossil fuels illegal, take away all of our cars, and make us take a bullet train to Hawaii because airplanes will be illegal because they spew CO2.


But the “final nail in the coffin” for Democrats may be that they want to kill all cows because their farts add to “Global Warming”. Really, their words! That will drive all steak and hamburger lovers to the GOP and it may even bring in ultra-liberal PETA members who love cows to the GOP!

Thanks for clearing things up Democrats!


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  1. Hopefully Mr. Rossi is correct as to the uncommitted non-partisan voters waking up, but the die-hard Democrats who consistently vote “Democrat” because their grand-dads and fathers always voted that way will NOT pay attention to what their Party has become.
    These are the fools who are too hide-bound, too stupid, or too lazy to study what has happened and realize it’s not “their” Democrat Party anymore. It’s been HIGH-JACKED by radicals.
    Instead, they will continue to vote according to family HERITAGE and HABIT, or because their UNION boss tells them to.