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Thorner: Pro-lifers overflow Springfield’s Capitol Rotunda



Photo by Karen Whitney

By Nancy Thorner - 

On Wednesday, March 20, thousands filled the Springfield Capitol to protest abortion bills.  Several reports were published throughout the state, but one in particular stood out to prolifers: an account by Rebecca Anzel, Capitol News Illinois, as published in the Rockford Register Star.

From Ms. Anzel's rally account:

Legislators, advocates and hundreds of Illinoisans crowded the rotunda of the Capitol on Wednesday to condemn a package of reproductive health measures that would revise abortion law. 

The bills are proposed by four Democrats from both chambers of the General Assembly. One would allow a minor to get an abortion procedure without notifying her parent or guardian. The other would repeal and replace the state’s abortion statute with language supporters say is more up-to-date. 

“Politicians who do not put life first cannot be trusted,” Mary Kate Knorr, executive director of Illinois Right to Life Action, said, “So we are here today to tell our legislators that if they do not put life and women first in the State of Illinois, they do not have a place in our Statehouse.” 

Knorr’s group was one of the organizers of the rally. The others were the Pro-Life Action League and the Illinois Family Institute, David E. Smith.

The coalition opposes legislation to repeal the Parental Notification of Abortion Act, which mandates a minor consult her parent or guardian before having an abortion.

More of Ms. Anzel's account HERE.

People were brought to the Capitol by bus from across the state. According to another report, shortly after the midday rally in the capitol rotunda in Springfield kicked off, Secretary of State Police, which guard the entrances to the capitol, closed the building down, "due to concerns with overcrowding."  Once Capitol Police were able to direct the crowd to other areas within the building, the doors were reopened.”

Following the rally participants had time to lobby legislators, Mike Feehan from Aurora told Illinois Review.

While in Springfield, Mike went to House Speaker Mike Madigan's office and spoke with his press secretary, Steve Brown, who Mike had previously corresponded with via e-mail.  Mike asked Brown why Mike Madigan and the Democrats continue to support child murder.  Brown, as always, did not deny Mike's comment. Michael Madigan is rated a 0% by Illinois Citizens for Life voting scorecard. 

As to other attendees, many took the opportunity to let their legislators know exactly how they felt about the two extreme abortion bills progressing in the Illinois Senate.


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  1. Legislators, advocates and hundreds of Illinoisans crowded the rotunda of the Capitol on Wednesday to condemn a package of reproductive health measures that would revise abortion law.
    Translation “Reproductive Health Measures” is “Murder of Innocent Babies”. Thousands of years ago, Moses was almost killed by the same Ruling class.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. I just read that over 5000 abortions were performed in Illinois last year. Illinois has long been the dumping ground for abortion. All 5 neighboring states have parental notice or consent laws on their books. It is well known, that teens then cross into Illinois to have their abortions, because Illinois has no enforced parental notification. Disgusting –

  3. Mike Madigan is the Devils right hand man in Illinois.
    Get rid of this evil piece of trash and lets put this state back on the road where everyone would want to live. As long as he’s in control this staye is forever doomed