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Trussell: Pay attention to Chicago’s Black Conservatives


By Stephanie Trussell, On-Air Host at WLS-AM 890 - 

Black Democrats are always ranting “Let’s have a real conversation about race." The caveat is they want to have that conversation with only White Republicans. When those same folks are offered a chance to exchange ideas with a Black Conservatives, they won’t do it.

When I first came out of the closet as a conservative I was told there are no others like me. I have since learned that there are many Black Conservatives, but we are ignored.

The City Club of Chicago offers opportunities to hear speakers on a wide variety of public policy topics. I am waiting to see a flyer promoting an unapologetic Black Conservatives debating two Chicago Democrats. It doesn’t have to be me, there is a deep bench of those qualified to shred liberals who have good intentions for disenfranchised blacks in Chicago.

I ask Democrats to co-host my WLS radio show all the time, and only a few accept my invite. The loudest big mouths in local media are the first to say no or ignore my invitation all together. It’s like I don’t exist.

A real conversation about race between two men, a black Democrat and a white Republican is quite predictable. If the white Republican makes a solid argument that is backed up by facts, chances are the black Democrat will invoke “white privilege." When the aggressive progressives couldn’t prove all whites were racists, they invented the premise that all whites should be made to feel guilty about what they automatically gained by being born white. It seems the only way for white folks to make it equitable is to pay penance by giving all their money to people of color. Finally at some point the White Republican will offer a sincere apology for not being aware of what it’s like to be Black in America.

Yes Virginia, there are loud proud Conservatives that happen to be black. We are honoring our ancestors that were newly-freed slaves. They were REPUBLICANS. Southern Democrats fault a war that kept them enslaved. Trust me, they were NOT Democrats.

Our black ancestors excelled after slavery because they had a fire in their bellies to live the American dream. They wanted NOTHING from Big Gov. They wanted to be left alone. Newly-freed slaves attended college, worked to buy land, built black Wall Street and thrived. It’s been over 150 years since a Republican president signed the Emancipation Proclamation and some black folks are still waiting to overcome.

In ChicagoSOS we need a real conversation about why descendants of slaves are being escorted to failing schools via Safe Passage routes while living in blighted shooting gallery neighborhoods. Illegal invaders get sanctuary, booming neighborhoods and new schools. They are stealing the inheritance promised to me and other American blacks by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

When the black political power structure is ready to have a real conversation about race, they know where to find me and others like me. It will be uncomfortable.
Stephanie Trussell is a Wife, mother of 5 and grandma – She can be heard live every Saturday 4pm-6pm CT on Chicago’s WLS-AM 890.
Previous article in Illinois Review in this piece titled,” Why I Left the Donkey Plantation.”


  1. ok. look at some of us here i am white i lost my job of 4 years,kicked out in the middle of the pay period and middle of the month. i am disabled T.B.I. and can only work so much. Now i was fired no job no money and no FOOD. i applied for Link. i was DENIED.
    yes i draw a disability check but at the same time my light bill was 311.37$ and thats not paying for Meds. Gas. Phone Insc. and misc. Bills.
    So i fully understand being Done Wrong.
    Now take a look at the American Indians. where are they? Casinos and Reservations. From that ive heard WOW. So SAD, and YEs these new comers or what ever they are being called today. They are coming here and States are paying for theur Car Isc.? i reading on line if you can believe what you read anymore.

  2. The Democrats are social molestors.
    They promise all sorts of inducements to like them and vote for the and then forget about what ever group gave them their “virginity – vote.”
    Any party, should be providing opportunity because of legislation and encouraging ALL PEOPLE the opportunity tobe all they can be.
    Everyone should have equal ballot acceess as an individual non partisan candidate.

  3. Great article and your call for a serious conversation is much needed. We don’t agree on a lot, but we talk. And in doing so, we’ve found that there are areas of agreement. If Chicago is to become a place where ”little people” have a say in what takes place in government, we are gonna have to open up those communication lines between the quieted majority and acknowledge the similarities while respecting the differences. If not, the ”rachet” politicians that rape, rob and steal from us all will continue what’s hurting us all.

  4. Stephanie Trussell joins my list of great conservatives, which includes Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell, both of whom just happen to be black.
    There’s more good, common sense in that trio than can be found in all of Congress.

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