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Could Trump be banned from Illinois’ 2020 ballot?




CHICAGO – Could President Trump be banned from being included on Illinois' 2020 primary or general election ballot?  It's possible, if the Democrat majority in the Illinois General Assembly has their way. 

This week, the Illinois Senate passed along party lines a bill that would require presidential and vice-presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to be on the Illinois ballot. The requirement does not include other federal or state candidates.

The Herald & Review was on hand during the floor debate as to why only presidential and vice-presidential candidates would be required to show their returns. 

“Why aren’t any of those people in this?” state Sen. Dale Righter, R-Mattoon, asked.

Munoz, a Chicago Democrat, said he is open to expanding the elected officials included in the bill upon negotiation in the House.

Righter called the bill “an embarrassing waste of the Senate’s time,” citing two U.S. Supreme Court cases which say the Constitution lays out ballot qualifications and states cannot make them more strict.

The bill now proceeds to the Illinois House. 

The vote on SB 145: 

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.50.03 AM


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  1. They can’t lawfully ENACT SUCH A LAW, THAT IS A VIOLATION OF OUR 4TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS. They can’t rifle thru everyone’s private papers fishing for something. That is not how our system works.
    I have no doubt the communists in the democrat controlled state legislature would try it, they think they are above the law.

  2. Thank goodness the founding fathers didn’t whine like some people who bailed out of Illinois instead of standing up and fighting the communist that are in Springfield. How many of the complainers out there are precinct committeemen? How many have ever worked as a poll watcher, election judge or walked doors for GOOD candidates? Have you ever been to a rally at the capitol for your rights? Or do you say it doesn’t do any good to vote, or it’s too late or whatever excuse you use to NOT help carry the weight of sustaining our liberty and freedoms. I do these things and will continue to do what I can in my own back yard instead of complain. I am as sick of this are you are but I know if we quit they win. I also PRAY! Please if you read this story above, it’s past time to get involved and stand up. Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
    Thomas Paine

  3. Here are the qualifications for being president of the US. The state of Illinois does not have the lawful authority set the qualifications of the office of the presidency.
    All the commiecrat controlled state legislature wants to do is to marginalize the voters. The dictator asses want to control who we have to vote for; third world style politics

  4. How can there be 36 state senators who voted for this trash, when they SWORE an oath to uphold both the state and US constitutions? Just where do these lying scumbags think they have the lawful right to to set presidential qualifications? Which constitution grants them that authority??
    The democrats are much closer to organized crime than state gov’t.

  5. Illinois was once a fantastic state to live in. I still like living here, but our law makers are truly changing it for the worse. If SB-145 goes through, that will be the biggest travesty they have done to date. Our law makers should be concentrating on a platform of making our state appetizing for others to move here and not running people out. With SB-145 I truly believe they will run people out. Since 2014 Illinois has lost over 157000 People and counting. This translates to less tax payers which only transfers the burden to those left.
    In addition to the new tax laws they’re coming up with because of lack of money. It’s making life harder for most. When will they realize it’ needs to go the other way or it will get much worse.

  6. They don’t have too….. the commie democrats are stupid! stupid, the 4th amendment protects everyone…. just where is their probable cause??? They can’t demand to rifle thru his private papers just to go fishing. That is the action of a Police State

  7. Clearly unconstitutional. This is a Democratic publicity stunt pure and simple designed to embarrass Trump.
    That being said, Illinois taxpayers will wind up footing the bill for legal costs when the law is challenged in the courts.

  8. First, let’s get a grip here. This law, if it is passed and signed into law, will NOT survive a federal court challenge. Period.
    If it could, I would like to see it expanded for all candidates for federal office and be 3 years worth of tax returns, and if the candidate is married, their spouse’s returns must be released, too, if they are married and file separately. That would force State Senator Jim Oberweis to release his tax returns, and given his wife is a resident of Florida, she would have to release hers, too.
    I’m sure everything Jim Oberweis does with his taxes is legal, including the tax protections afforded him through his wife’s split residency in a no-income-tax state. That said, all of us, especially 14th district primary voters, want to see for ourselves.

  9. Part of the genius of our Founding Fathers was the way the Constitution sets up defacto laboratories of liberty that allow us to see the impact that social, tax, and regularity policies have on a population without subjecting the whole of the nation to the failure of a misguided state such as Illinois.
    The proper way to deal with Illinois abject failure is to leave the state, thus depriving the levitation of failure that it is of the human capital it needs in order to survive and proliferate. There is no surer no confidence vote that the citizens of a state can give than renouncing their citizenship of one state and becoming a citizen of another, it is the ultimate rejection of a State’s policies.
    And there is the issue of accepting reality and reallocating your human capital to fruitful endeavors. Illinois is done for as it exists. It needs to collapse, then and only then can a new state emerge and new policies to be enacted. All you are doing is giving people false hope, prolonging the agony, and postponing the inevitable. You also are allowing the greedy public sector that brought about the demine of this once great state to milk the cow just a little bit longer instead of forcing them to face the day of reckoning they so surely deserve.
    Moreover, if you have family, instead of being a good Shepard and guiding your flock to lush pastures you allow your flock to wallow in the muck and become festered; this is because of your own arrogance, you believe you can effect change in things that are beyond your ability to control.
    The story of Noah would be very different had you been in it. Instead of building an ark to escape the coming deluge you would have stood your ground, confident you could hold back the rising waters via your will alone

  10. If ever there was a post that exemplified why it is so had to get honest, hard working men and women of good character and with personal integrity to run for public office then this is it.
    You really should hang your head in shame. Voters of your ilk is exactly why this country is decaying and why those with no integrity are so drawn to so called public service.

  11. What exactly should I “…hang your [my] head in shame.”? The truth that this proposed Illinois law will not survive a federal court challenge? Or the truth that Senator Oberweis is a weak candidate, and has one foot-out-the-door of Illinois with his wife’s Florida residency?
    Do not think, should Oberweis win the 14th congressional primary next year, that his taxes and the split residency of his wife, will not come up. Congresswoman Underwood, as recent as yesterday, has become one of the Democrats’ congressional spokespersons demanding President Trump’s tax returns, even saying “this is not optional” (and the truth is, the President is right).
    If she were to face Oberweis in next year’s general election, she will be making similar claims, and raising enough concern among general election voters that Oberweis is “…not paying his fair share of taxes to Illinois” and wants to represent Illinois in Congress will simply raise Oberweis’ unelectability to new heights.
    And coupled with Oberweis’ age (74 by fall 2020), then you will see Underwood win with over 60% of the vote.
    I’m sorry the truth hurts, but I am not trying to be popular, just being honest and telling the truth.