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Rossi: Time to get angry with the Illegal Immigration Con Game




By Randy Rossi –

It is time for every legal immigrant and my fellow children of legal immigrants to get really upset with this illegal immigration con game. Those of you who followed the rule of law and legally immigrated here or are the children of a parent or parents that legally immigrated to America should be outraged at those illegal aliens who broke the law and jumped ahead of people that obey the law. And they should be furious with those Democrats and the “fake news” media that constantly tell us there is no illegal immigration crisis and we are racists and xenophobes if we want to protect our borders and the rule of law.

After all, the rule of law is the difference between America and those chaotic counties that so many people are fleeing. If we don’t protect the rule of law and our sovereignty, we will become no different than those chaotic countries millions of people are fleeing.

My father waited five years to legally immigrate to America even though his family was mentally tortured every day by a fascist dictator to try and lure back his father who he wanted to execute for resisting his dictatorship. Then after legally coming to America, my father risked his life to fight for his new country in WWII in Burma and China to earn his American citizenship. Like all legal immigrants in my neighborhood, he was incredibly proud and grateful to be an American.

He constantly reinforced traditional American values in our house and when my grandmother spoke Italian in front of me he would politely interrupt her and say “Mom, we are Americans now and we must speak English”. All of my friends who were the children of legal immigrants spoke English too because that was expected. There were not 20 languages at the bank like today — just English!

I welcome all legal immigrants in America and I wish them well. But I am furious at the 12 plus million illegal aliens that broke the law and jumped ahead of the line to cheat against legal immigrants. And you should be too, because those illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $135 billion a year in federal and state taxes. That’s $977.00 per American taxpayer! You should care because those illegal aliens take critical education, medical, and police resources and wages away from American citizens, legal immigrants, and their kids. They are hurting you and your kids and our country!

Who fuels this con game? Democrats and the liberal “fake news” that want more immigrants because they tend to vote Democrat to get more “free stuff” that you are paying for! They are taking critical resources away from you and your kids and putting our sovereignty and national security at great risk for more votes.

At current rates, one million additional illegal immigrants will invade our border this year. Even Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson just said that “We have an illegal immigration crisis” when he learned that 100,000 illegal immigrants broke into our country just last month. Yet Democrats consistently call this illegal immigration disaster a “manmade crisis."

What’s the solution to this crisis? “Build the wall”, enforce our laws, and make E-Verify mandatory so immoral businesses don’t hire illegal aliens to save a few bucks and instead hire American citizens and legal immigrants. And vote out those Democrats that have caused so much pain and suffering by rewarding illegal immigration.

It is time to get very angry and make Democrats pay at the ballot box for this attack on you, your kids, our country, and the rule of law!

Randy Rossi lives in Grayslake, IL.


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