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Beardstown IL school causes controversy by removing bathroom stall doors



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BEARDSTOWN – Privacy is something that Beardstown High Schoolers are no longer allowed to have when they go to the bathroom. When students came to school one day last week, they found bathroom stall doors removed, and along with them, their privacy. 

The reason? It's the fault of the students and what's going on in the stalls, the superintendent said. 

“You have to understand when kids have a place to spend time, whether it’s a minute or five minutes sometimes things happen whether it’s good, bad or otherwise," Superintendent Ron Gilbert told ABC 20. Removing bathroom stall doors has helped limit some of the things that were taking place in them, he said. 

Girls aren't standing for it, one student said.

“Mostly girls have been bringing blankets from their house and hanging it up in the stalls so people can’t see them… Yesterday people started putting their shoes and boots in front of the stall so people would know they’re in the bathroom,” Juan Juarez, a Beardstown High School student, said. 

Those who want privacy will be able to use the private bathroom by the nurse's office, the school said. 

Christy Shidler Keller commented on the school's Facebook page, "Removing bathroom doors for students?!? Did you remove the doors for teachers too? Maybe your school board and superintendent should use the bathroom with an audience. You tell our girls to be modest in clothing but then tell them to use the restroom with no privacy." 

The school says they are open to input from parents. 

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  1. More insanity from the loony Left. They just keep chipping away, breaking down and cracking the moral foundation for all of our young people. As they mature, people develop a natural sense of modesty– a gift from God to protect them. And those on the Left appear to want every child to be immodest, gender confused, hyper sexualized, and void of a moral compass. Parents, protect your children! Fight this! Your children are depending on you to do the right thing for them.

  2. I really don’t think politics or sex has anything to do with this decision. This was a bad choice by the school yes and as an educator I believe this should be rectified. This school needs a systemic shift how ever, this has nothing to do with being left or right.