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When Justice Is Corrupted at the Top, a Society Becomes Corrupted Downstream


First a meme — from our pledge of allegiance: With liberty and justice for all.

Now a second meme — from the 1950s “Superman” TV show: Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Now the Bible: Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof — Righteousness Righteousness [alt. version: Justice Justice] [Shalt] Thou Pursue. Deut. 16:20.

And now a few solo words: Hillary. Yoga. Bleach. Comey. Lynch. Matter. Strzok. Page. Andy. Insurance. McCabe. Ohr. Steele. Fusion. Dossier. Yates. FISA. Flynn. Stone. Tarmac. Smollett. Kimfoxx. College. Admissions. Coxswain. CNN. MSNBC. Maddow. Behar. Lemon. Clapper. Brennan.

When a society’s justice system breaks down, the society collapses. When justice is corrupted, the society devolves into chaos. Justice is the foundation of the earth, and a nation’s population needs to know that, at some bottom-line fundamental level, the rules by which all are supposed to play are applied and enforced evenly, fairly. The image of the masked lady of justice holding the scales is evocative: justice must be blind. It may not favor the rich over the poor, the strong over the weak, the favored over the unfavored. When people truly believe that they cannot get justice within the law, chaos inevitably ensues as law-breaking becomes commonplace — because there is no justice. Even an American free-market system needs to revolve around not only just economic principles but also other fair principles that include but are not limited to freedom to communicate thoughts and ideas without fear of repercussions, freedom to worship, freedom to engage in the social enterprise under the rules of fair play, and equal justice under the law. When principles like those are perverted, the social construct breaks down.



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