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Before Illinois House, Fairfield pastor asks God to judge Illinois for abortion policy



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SPRINGFIELD – Pastor Corey Musgrave of the New Beginnings Church in Fairfield, Illinois led the Illinois House in prayer Friday, asking God to judge the state for its abortion policy: 

So, God, we have made our appeals to the leaders of Illinois this week on behalf of those innocent babies who do not yet have a voice. We have been a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves as You have commanded us. Those appeals were denied, but we have one final appeal left and that is to the courts of Heaven.

God Almighty, I make an appeal to Heaven today, to You the perfect judge, the One who presides over Heaven’s court.

I ask you to rise up, oh God, and judge Illinois for the sanctioned destruction of the innocent unborn. For when Your judgements are in this state, the inhabitants of Illinois learn righteousness. In this House I pray for justice to roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty river. In Your judgement I pray that You would remember mercy for we know that You, oh God, do not want anyone to be destroyed.

I ask this in the name of Your son, the one who died for a sinner like me, the one who was appointed to judge the living and the dead. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

Per Rich Miller's Capitol Fax, Pastor Musgrave was invited to pray by State Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia):


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  1. I believe that our pastors are to preach the gospel, lead people to the Lord, discuss how to pray, be a good Christians etc. l do NOT want pastors discussing politics in the pulpit or speaking in public. You were happy with his pray. I feel that was wrong. I am not pro or anti abortion.
    I am one of the many people who feel if incest, rape or a woman’s health is involved I want a hospital where these women can go for an abortion. No butcher shops in the alleys. If the girl is raped by her father she should NOT have to carry that bsby for 9 months. That’s incest. The man should be charged and she should be taken to the hospital or clinic for an abortion.

  2. “It’s My Body” screams the woman who wants to Kill Babies. But a MIRACLE happens when the baby is born – and all the Sudden – “It’s the Man’s Body” – the DNA test “Proves” who the Father is so the Woman can get 18 years of CHILD SUPPORT. It’s all about the MONEY – Not about the Baby.
    “It’s My Body” is Just another LIE Drummed up by the Hateful, Deceitful Godless Left.

  3. No, Anne, it is precisely Christian of him. God has expressed throughout the Bible that He hates the shedding of innocent blood. Yet we in this nation not only sanction the shedding of innocent blood we pay for it and we glory in it. Pray that God will forgive this nation and this state and bring us to repent of this great evil.
    Bill Miller

  4. I don’t know this preacher but he was RIGHT to do what he did. It’s also my prayer that the Judgment of God soon falls on the reprobate heathen that are murdering our precious babies. These butchers and the mothers that let them butcher their precious babies will face God but it is my prayer that God would reveal His hatred for this now.

  5. If pastors and indeed all Christians only speak the Gospel in private then we are going against what we are called to do. It is a message for the world. The word gospel means good news. It would be wrong NOT to tell the world.
    Also, God is the giver of life. Let Him decide who lives and who dies. Remember-the baby is ALWAYS the innocent one in any pregnancy and it does not deserve death.

  6. Jesus came into the world for the sake of judgment. I fail to see how praying for what Christ explicitly said His purpose was, can be construed as “not very Christian”. Unfortunately those whose understanding of Christianity is simply “be nice and inoffensive”, will not recognize biblical Christianity when they see it.

  7. It’s too bad you don’t want pastors speaking in public. There are a lot of countries you could go to that agree with you. But here in America one doesn’t lose his or her right to free speech when they become a Christian leader.

  8. To those who are neither pro nor anti-abortion. That is defined in the scripture as Lukewarm. Surely you know what Gods view is about that. Plus, It appears some seem to feel better suited to decide then God the value of a child’s life by the way it is conceived. We are given the freedom to choose, but we should be very cautious in those choices and where we stand in them. If we believe Gods word, then we must look very closely at what he is telling us. For if we do not, we too will be judged accordingly. There are always better ways to deal with poor or unfortunate situations. Judging unfairly and punishing the innocent who are incapable to speak or care for themselves by death, will be a heavy burden to carry before God on our own judgment day.

  9. Sorry but as a believer in Jesus Christ and a born again Christian the Bible does not teach us to kill babies. It teaches us what is right. We are to read it and obey it!! It is our guide book to life and when we follow it we are blessed. When we disobey his Word we will be judged. If we confess our sin and turn from our wicked ways we will be blest as a nation. America will fall with all the immorality right now! We do not want to be here for that tribulation time!!!!

  10. Sharon: Abortion is not a political issue. It is a human rights issue. Unborn babies should have a right to life. Only the Supreme Court made it into a political issue in 1973 all over a bogus case in which the woman named didn’t even have an abortion, didn’t want one, and was used by attorneys to make the abortion case. In later years, she repudiated all they said she did. The womb of a woman should be the safest place on the planet for an unborn baby. Instead the baby has to fear for its life. Rape and incest are used as scare tactics but in the millions of abortion done since 1973, very very few have been for those cases. Mostly, the baby isn’t coming at a convenient time for the woman.

  11. Sharon, do you realize our elected Illinois leaders have voted for and passed a bill in favor of abortion FOR ANY REASON (which include their sex not being desirable) up until the time of their FULL BIRTH (including PARTIAL BIRTH abortions–the head could be out already)FOR ANY REASON the mother gives, it could been killed.
    A sad day for humanity. Lord, have mercy. Remove the blinders from those who do not see and from those who call evil good, and good evil.

  12. That smacks of lukewarmness Sharon.
    Christ said of the lukewarm,
    “I shall spit you out of my mouth”
    Christ doesn’t want part time believers.
    Nor good will. The warm wishes and approval from this sinful world is nothing to us.
    Enter through the narrow gate. If you prefer heresy and salvation to heaven its all yours, we want Christ.

  13. Rape and incest abortions amounts to only 1% of the abortions in this country.The other 99% are not.They use abortion as birth control because their excuses are “I’m to young,not ready,can’t afford it,don’t want it”,and many other reasons that they should have considered before having a sexual encounter with a man. 100% of the abortions are not the baby’s fault, Why should they be punished instead of punishing the rapist”s? Or the one who deliberately had sexual relations and got the result,,,pregnancy?

  14. A big reason our country is in the shape it’s in is because many pastors, and Christians, are watering down the Word of God. We’re afraid to talk boldly about sin and hell. If we keep the Word within the walls of the church, how can we hope to reach the lost, unless they just happen to walk in the doors of the church. Good for Pastor Musgrave for laying in on the line. We can’t stand aside and be wishy-washy about this issue. God is NEVER pro-abortion. You don’t murder a baby for the sins of his father.

  15. Sharon Sarles…So glad that Pastor Musgrave did what God wants and not what you want. Just wondering; how do you reconcile the actions of the prophets in the Old Testament and the far reaching preaching and teaching of the apostles in the New Testament? Or Jesus? They ALL spoke in public and to politicians. God will honor those that honor Him with their words, works and actions.

  16. Sharon, why should the baby have to pay the penalty of death when someone else did the heinous act? In case of rape or incest, which are violent acts, having a baby aborted, which in itself is a violent act, will only make the act of rape worse. The guilt will be doubled because the baby had to die.

  17. You say you don’t feel a pastor should speak in public. So he should hide his belief’s? How is he to spread the Gospel if he doesn’t speak in public? I applaud him for his boldness, a boldness that all Christians should possess. It’s time for us all to boldly proclaim wrong is wrong, right is right and sin is sin.

  18. Sharon, it sounds like you don’t want pastors to speak if you don’t agree with what they are saying. I know abortion is very emotive but if you are a follower of Christ then you must, as we all must, fully submit to His word. If you think pastors shouldn’t do that then you need to appeal to scripture. And if scripture says the opposite of what you think then you must, as we all must, bend to it. It matters not one wit what you think, or what I think, or anyone else, it matters what God says. He is God and we are not. I know that’s not easy as we all have strong views on things, but it is what any genuine christian must do.

  19. So to help you understand your own position, you are pro-choice (aka pro abortion).
    Search “180 movie” on YouTube and give it a watch! It will give you some ideas as you think through your position further.

  20. Yes, Anne, I have prayed both in the house and senate years ago, and asked God to guide their direction in making laws ‘for the people of Illinois.’ Things are bad because evil is given the opportunity to survive in our state because of evil decisions made by our legislatures. I am very grateful that the pastor from Fairfield spoke the truth. Praise be to God for his courage.

  21. I applaud this Pastor for following the Lord, amidst the controversy over abortion. And the Lord does chastise those who do not follow His commandments…just as a good father chastises his children when they do not listen. Sometimes we do need a spanking, and God our Father is quick and sure to do it. It is how we know He loves us….He wants what is BEST for us…..and He IS so patient. He warns of this a number of times in His Word.

  22. When asked by 2 apostles to rain down fire and lightning on a town that rejected Him Jesus said no. Jesus did not come for judgement as personified by the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery. He who is without sin cast the first stone. I understand how angry you can become seeing such a murderous attitude and callous indifference to the preborn. Jesus on the Cross said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. A better prayer is to ask for opened eyes snd softened hearts and for repentance and forgiveness. Let us all pray for this earnestly.