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Gillette Is Feeling The Financial Burn Thanks To Their “Toxic Masculinity” Ad




Proctor & Gamble are experiencing better than expected profits in every area…except the male grooming products section of Gillette, and few people should be surprised.

Before the Super Bowl, Gillette released an ad that insulted men with social justice/feminist based narratives about toxic masculinity. Even things such as wanting to talk to a pretty girl or boys wrestling in the yard were considered negative things that needed to be dealt with. Gillette finished the commercial by indicating that “some men” don’t do this and that we should all be like these “some.”

Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. Gillette received a well-deserved societal spanking for its sexism.

Now the numbers have come out, and Gillette seems to be the weakest link in P&G’s chain according to Market Watch.



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  1. Many corporations have been taken over by anti Male, anti White
    Notice how many Blacks are in commercials these days. Overwhelming considering their base of the population and buying power.
    Businesses have become every bit the fascists as government agencies.