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Rossi: Legal Pot – the Last Nail in Illinois’ Coffin



Smoking-pot_sq-e39a9f79210373cce88f1c0ae5cfbeeffd069138-s800-c85By Randy Rossi - 

Dear fellow Illinoisans, have we all gone insane?

We have allowed our crooked politicians to almost destroy the once magnificent “Land of Lincoln” by our ignorance and voter apathy. Because of that ignorance and apathy, Illinois has become the most bankrupt state in the Union with the lowest bond ratings in America.

On top of that, we have seen more governors that we elected sent to prison than any other state! Even a high level FBI executive said Illinois is the most politically crooked state in America. And because of all that insanity and corruption, people and jobs are fleeing Illinois. And to make all that worse, our new governor wants you to allow him to change the Illinois Constitution so that he can tax even more of your money.

You know, he is the governor that took the toilets out of his house to pay less real-estate taxes!

That is all bad enough, but our liberal Democrat governor also wants to make pot legal to generate more tax revenue for our crooked politicians to manipulate and abuse.

Any informed person knows that will be a disaster for many reasons. First it will kill many more people on the road as other states who have legalized pot have found out. Lethal traffic accidents dramatically increase when pot becomes legal as Colorado statistics have proven. Why is that a surprise?

On top of that tragedy, it is well known that pot is a “gateway drug” which starts many young people down the road of drug addiction that eventually destroys their lives.  In college many decades ago, I watched pot ruin the lives of friends by turning them into lazy bums and in some cases starting them down the road of drug addiction and that was when pot was 90% weaker than today.

So are we willing to ruin the lives of our young people and increase traffic deaths for more state tax money? Money our crooked politicians will abuse or steal! It is scary enough that Pritzker wants to change our constitution to tax us more, now he wants to make pot legal so he can get tax money from young people hooked on pot.

It is bad enough to think that Illinois voters would tear down the “Constitutional wall” that limits how much of our incomes Illinois politicians can grab, but it is inconceivable that rational Illinois voters would destroy our young people’s lives by making pot legal to give Pritzker and our corrupt and/or incompetent politicians more of our money for them to abuse and/or steal.

If “We the people” of Illinois are dumb enough to approve this, we are putting the last nail in the Illinois’ coffin.

Link to Amazon for Mr. Rossi's book and author's page with pictures: www.amazon.com/author/randyrossi


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  1. This is a disaster for the business community. Essentially with this goes the ability to screen employees effectively. As an high skill, high wage employer I would never, ever employ someone convicted of even minor possession. The fact that they willingly and knowingly at one time broke the law has always been a disqualifying factor as we often handle sensitive information. I would never, ever trust anyone who so flagrantly violated the law. Essentially you are dealing with someone who thinks they have the innate to pick and chose what laws and rules they follow.
    This is another blow to the Illinois business climate. Once again this is why I have never recommended(in the last 15 years) any of my clients expand or start a business in Illinois.