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Rahm Emanuel Is Now A Contributing Editor For The Atlantic




Rahm Emanuel has only been out of office a few days but he’s already back in the spotlight.

He finished his tenure as one of Chicago’s worst mayors ever just 48 hours ago, being involved in multiple corruption scandals and presiding over murder rates comparable to war zones. In the real world, that would earn Emanuel a trip to a quiet retirement and professional scorn. But Democrats don’t live in the real world.

Instead, Emanuel was just hired to be a contributing editor for The Atlantic.

This is what's wrong with the press.



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  1. Emanuel was an exceptionally bad mayor. He failed to manage the schools, the police department and the control spending so as not to cripple the taxpayers. The only thing that he improved was garbage collection.

  2. Why would anyone be surprised that a leftist goon for the Clintons would get employment from the leftist ATLANTIC magazine?
    We should expect it, just like we should expect Rahm to get a high-position job in the next national Democrat administration (if there should ever be another one.)