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Rossi: Global Warming, The Green New Deal and Your Wallet




By Randy Rossi - 

If the negative ramifications of this “Global Warming” hysteria were not so potentially dire for your wallet and our country, it would be hilarious. Those of us that have been around for a while remember the Time Magazine cover in the 1970s predicting a new ice age was coming and the hysterically hyped story about the “Population Bomb” which would result in the starvation of hundreds of millions of people because Earth simply couldn’t grow enough food.

Decades later there is no Ice Age and the people of this planet are better fed now than they have been in all of time because science has allowed us to increase our crop output much faster than the population growth. So as virtually every Democrat from AOC to Beto and virtually every other Democratic candidate for president tells us the world will end in 12 years because of “Global Warming”; us “old folks” don’t quite buy that hysteria because we have seen this movie before!

But the stakes are higher this time because AOC and most if not all Democrats are trying to sell Americans “The Green New Deal” which would cost America $93 trillion, bankrupt America, and send us back to the “Dark Ages” as they kill the fossil fuels that currently run our country. The problem with solar and wind power is not just their extremely high costs, it is that “sometimes the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow."

Here are some facts that will help you combat this “Global Warming” hysteria to protect your wallet and America’s future:

For those of us that have actually been educated on climate change and the weather, this story gets even weirder. My Climate and Weather professor was a NOAA weather forecaster and they started our class with this statement, “Open your textbooks to page 3 and I will show you why this “Global Warming” hysteria is pure B.S. You will note that CO2 only makes up less than 0.04% of our atmosphere."

Wow, one would think that CO2 is overwhelming our atmosphere and yet it is less one percent of our atmosphere! But the full truth even gets weirder. How many people know that all life on Earth would end without CO2? Yep, while we “animals” need oxygen to survive, that oxygen comes from green plants that need CO2 to survive. If there is no CO2 then there would be no oxygen and all plants and animals would die. Google it for yourself! While the good news is that oxygen makes up 21% of our atmosphere, the bad news is that CO2 is only 0.04% of our atmosphere. Maybe we need more CO2, not less!

In case you’re not a science fan, let’s take a look at history to see how insane this “Global Warming” hysteria is. Any kid who has watched the movie “Ice Age” knows that one mile of ice covered Canada and much of the northern US states for hundreds of thousands of years. No crops could be grown there. Then suddenly the Earth warmed about 14,000 years ago and that mile of ice melted and raised the oceans by 400 feet. And that was a good thing because suddenly crops could be grown there and humans could live where one mile of ice had made that impossible.

How did the Earth warm 14,000 years ago if there were no SUVs to cause “Global Warming”? Simple, “Climate Change” is a never ending natural process that has been going on for billions of years and 99% of the “Climate Change” the Earth has seen happened before SUVs and coal mines even existed! What causes “Climate Change” involves natural changes in solar output, changes in the Earth’s axis, continental drift, changes in ocean currents, and changes in wind currents.

In fact, there have been 5-6 massive ice ages in Earth’s history that came before humans even existed.

Thankfully they are always followed by “Global Warming” which melted that ice and helped increase plant growth and food for man and animals. The Renaissance started because of “Global Warming” during the “Medieval Warm Period” which raised temperatures and increased crop outputs which allowed men to build cathedrals and create art instead of starving to death as they did in “The Dark Age."

How many coal fired electric plants were there 700 years ago during the start of the Renaissance? Minor ice ages happen about every 100,000 years. In fact we had a “Mini Ice Age” from 1,400-1800 A.D. which reduced crop outputs and stressed civilization. Now the Earth is warming again as it always does after a cooling period. That folks is called “Climate Change” and it is a natural and never ending process.

As I said, any 10 year old kid that has seen the movie “Ice Age” has enough information to know that “Climate Change” is a natural process. Sadly, logic apparently doesn’t rule anymore, hysterical emotion does. Normally that would just be a nuisance but Democrats are using “Global Warming” hysteria to sell their extremely destructive plan of government control over every aspect of our lives.

AOC and her “Green New Deal” would outlaw our cars, outlaw our planes, force us to take a train to Hawaii (what??), force us all to rebuild our homes, and kill all cows because their “farts” add to “Global Warming”. Their proof of this disaster is that the oceans have risen by a few inches and the temperature has increased slightly. Never mind that the oceans rose by 400 feet when the last ice age melted 14,000 years ago and mankind did much better as a result; to Dems and liberals it is the end of all life on Earth.

If you listen carefully you can hear China laughing really hard and wetting their pants about this phony “Global Warming” hysteria which they probably helped to create and fund. While China is the worst CO2 polluter on Earth, they don’t have to reduce their carbon footprint by one bit until 2030 according to the Paris Climate Accord Treaty.

China builds one coal fired electric plant a week so that they can have the lowest energy prices on Earth which gives them a manufacturing advantage. According to that Paris Climate agreement, the US would have to cut CO2 dramatically by 2025 which would insure that America would have extremely high energy costs which would then put us out of business while China dominated the global economy because they don’t have to lower their CO2 at all.

Actually the “Paris Climate Accord” should have been called the “China Climate Accord”! Thankfully President Trump ended that dumb and dangerous agreement and saved millions of US jobs and our wallets. Oh and by the way, what country reduced CO2 emissions last year more than any other country? The USA even though we pulled out of the agreement.

So here is the bottom line. If Democrats win in 2020, they will certainly launch the “Green New Deal” which will bankrupt America, empty your wallet, and ruin your kid’s futures as China takes over the global economy because of lower energy costs. If there ever was a reason to vote Republican for president and every Senate and Congressional seat in America, this is it.

Our economy and our nation’s future are at stake. Real science and history say that Democrats and their phony “Global Warming” hysteria are full of B.S. just as my Climate and Weather professor said!

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