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Rossi: Biden’s Attack on Vote Integrity, Democracy, and Minorities

By Randy Rossi -  All of America got to see and hear Democrat President Biden create even more divisiveness and hatred across our country...

Rossi: President Biden’s Disastrous Inflation Will Hurt You & Your Family

By Randy Rossi -  Democrat Joe Biden has only been president for roughly 10 months but he has already caused massive damage to America,...

Rossi: The Tragic Decline of Our Schools and Teachers

By Randy Rossi -  Just 2 decades ago teachers were one of the most respected people in America and schools were considered a critical...

Rossi: Have We Become a Nation of Sheep Being Led to Slaughter?

By Randy Rossi -  Our corporate psychologist and head of Human Resources who taught us how to identify, hire, and motivate the best employees...

Rossi: The “Juneteenth” Distraction from America’s Real History of Freedom

By Randy Rossi -  The tragedy of making “Juneteenth” a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the U.S. is that it distracts...

Rossi: Praise to Senator Joe Manchin for His Bravery and Patriotism

By Randy Rossi -  It has been a very long time since I have been impressed by the bravery and patriotism of a Democrat,...

Rossi: How Democrats Are Killing the “American Dream”

By Randy Rossi -  The Wall Street Journal just published a great Op Ed from Daniel Henninger titled “Killing the American Dream” which explains...


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