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Rossi: Hard Facts Proving the Dishonesty of the Left’s War on “Assault Rifles”




By Randy Rossi - 

The crazy left’s endless attack on dishonestly labeled “Assault Rifles” should infuriate every rational informed American. If you listen to the “Fake News” and socialist Dems, “Assault Rifles” kill more Americans than anything else which is why they would love to make them illegal. The problem for them is, any rational informed American knows that hysteria is pure B.S.

You don’t have to believe me, check out the FBI homicide report below. 4 times more Americans are murdered with knives than by rifles of all kinds including “Assault Rifles”! Should we make all knives illegal? 9% more Americans are killed by hammers and other blunt objects than rifles of all kinds. Should we make hammers illegal? 65% more Americans are killed with fists and feet than are killed with rifles of all kinds. Should we make fists and feet illegal? This is insanity! The total number of Americans killed by rifles of all kinds (most of which are not “Assault Rifles”) was 364 in the FBI’s 2019 homicide by weapon report. The odds of an American being killed by all kinds of rifles including “Assault Rifles” each year is 0.00011%! You are more likely to be hit by lightning!

Need something to worry about? On average 72,000 Americans die from opioid overdoses each year. That’s 198 more times than the number that die from rifles including “Assault Rifles”! Why isn’t that front page news every day? Most of those opioids come to America illegally across our Southern Border yet socialist Dems don’t want to protect our border and save American lives. 36,000 Americans die from car accidents each year. That’s 99 times more than are killed by rifles! Using the liberals irrational logic, we definitely should make cars illegal right?

Finally, ”Assault Rifles” or “military style rifles” are actually automatic weapons which have been illegal in the US since 1930 and Al Capone! The rifles Americans can legally buy today which liberals call “Assault Rifles” are actually semi-automatic rifles which would never be used in the military today. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way. I got my first “Assault Rifle” when I was 13 for my birthday. It was a semi-automatic .22 with a 15 round magazine and all my buddies had the same gun which we used to hunt rabbits. Pretty scary right?

Our 2nd Amendment is an essential part of liberty and our Founding Fathers gave it to us because they learned from experience how governments can abuse their power. If you want to know how insane this government control can get, when I went to London a few years ago I was informed that London made it illegal to carry a pocket knife in public. Seriously? I got my first pocket knife when I was 5! Of course the British don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment because that is why we won our freedom from them. As George Washington famously said, “ A free people should be an armed people”.


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