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My Friend Was Pressured to Have an Abortion After Scan Showed Chance of Disability




Every day in America, pregnant women sit in their doctors’ offices, waiting for scan results. These mothers—no matter their age, race, or economic backgrounds—all hope to hear the same news: that their baby is healthy and growing right on track.

Hearing the all-clear, these moms can rejoice and continue with their medical appointments. However, for the women who receive less-clear news—or an outright distressing prenatal diagnosis—an already nerve-racking doctor’s visit can take on a nightmarish quality.

Not only must the mother face the possibility that her baby is in peril, but all too often she is subject to bullying, as the doctor to whom she has entrusted her body and her child attempts to push her toward abortion.



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  1. Hasn’t doctor Fauci and the CDC demonstrated for all the world to see that the medical community amount to a pile of political quacks who use the coercive, collective power of the medical establishment to lie to you in order to push their agenda?
    Why would you ever trust a doctor? You simply cannot, you need to view a doctor as an advisor who has a bias and who’s goals may not align with your own.
    Doctors are not unbiased, they have all sort of pressure brought to bear that influence their diagnosis that extend beyond their personal beliefs. People need to understand this and stop putting faith into the medical profession.